5 secure places to hide your money to prevent detection by your partner or neighbors.

1. Teddy Bears. Let’s go from cookies to teddy bears. Don’t the above two seem adorable? Adorable enough to go unnoticed? So that’s the plan. Remember those cute, cuddly teddy bears with an internal battery and a zipper in the back to access them? How does that place strike you as a comfortable, cuddling money storage space? How deceitful are you?

2. Hollow book. How often do you assume an excellent classic is a little piggy bank in disguise? This idea would be ideal for folks who own home libraries, and this hiding spot would be a difficult bush to conquer. The only regret is that the pages have to be chopped off. Then there are those ready-made cut/hollow books that do the job.

3. Underground secret jar. A well-protected jar buried in your garden or lawn could be an excellent and interesting location to hide your money. Only a stone or something small will suffice to mark the location. This was a favorite of our forefathers.

4) Socks. This may appear unusual to those of you who believe socks serve two functions: To be worn or for dear old Santa, let me introduce a third option: hide your money also! 5. Between the stairway planks. Create a loose plank that serves as a makeshift little cupboard for storing/hiding money.

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