A 16-year-old girl told her whole family that her dad is cheating on her mom.

A kid who didn’t like their dad and was angry told Reddit that their dad had been cheating on them. The child became wary of the man after seeing him act in a strange way. The man got home late one day and didn’t know that his child could smell something off about him. His child found out his biggest secret in just a few days. Someone 16 years old went to Reddit to ask if they were wrong for telling their family that their dad was cheating on them. The kid talked about their relationship with their dad before getting to the main story.

Their father was rarely home when they were kids because he worked a lot. The man had a lot of work to do and often had to travel for work. He didn’t spend much time at home with his family. “My mom almost raised my siblings and me, and I’m very close to her,” the child said. Teen didn’t want to talk to the dad because the dad only talked about how bad school was for the kid. Someone on Reddit always told them that school would get hard if they didn’t do better.

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The young man saw that his father was acting differently as a child, but he didn’t think anything was wrong. When the kid turned 16, the man told his family what he had been hidden. Someone on Reddit said, “I remember a few months ago, he got home really late, and I could smell some perfume on him.” The teen quickly learned what the strange smell meant, even though they didn’t do anything about it that day.

In the following days, the dad forgot to put his phone down on the table. When his teen saw a message on the screen, his family found out his biggest secret. He had no idea it.
“It was great last night.” Someone texted the dad of the teen and said, “Can’t wait to see you again.” The teen was scared, but he knew what to do. The teenagers meant to tell their dad or brothers about the message, but they ran to their mom instead.

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Because he thought the woman would talk to their dad about it, the child told her what was on their dad’s phone. She wasn’t shocked. It was remembered on Reddit: “She got very upset, and I felt bad about it.” Seeing their mother get mad made the teens decide not to keep talking. The kid thought their mom told them not to worry about it. She told the child that she would handle everything, but she didn’t know that the child would soon tell on the man.

As soon as the teen saw the text message, they were invited to dinner at their grandparents’ house. They were getting together with family, and the child’s uncles were also there. One of the teen’s cousins started to talk about his new job at dinner. Everyone was interested in the child’s father when he heard that his cousin got a new job at a software company. Someone on Reddit said, “My dad called me out and told me I should be more like my cousin and pay more attention in school.”

The teen didn’t answer the dad, so the teen ate quietly until an uncle joined the conversation and said it’s hard to talk to kids these days. The teen’s dad agreed, saying that kids didn’t respect their parents anymore and that the Redditor had never respected him. The kid lost it and told the man, “It’s hard to respect you when you cheat on your mom in public and don’t even try to hide it.” Everyone was quiet when those words were said, and the teen’s dad was shocked.

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He didn’t scold his kid; instead, he fought with his wife and said she was making the teenager bad. Someone else in the family had to step in and calm them down because the fight was getting so bad. His wife quickly left the dinner with their children, telling him not to come home. “My phone started blowing up when we got home,” the kid remembers. A lot of people in the child’s family, like cousins and uncles, thought the teen was the one who filed for divorce. The kid said sorry to his mom for what he had done because he felt bad about it.

The woman knew how her child felt, but she thought the man should have been talked to by himself. Still, she didn’t say that the kid was to blame for her marriage getting worse. The teenager’s dad kept calling, but they never picked up.The teen did what he or she did and then asked other Redditors what they thought. “NTA.” was written by someone. If my dad was mocking me in that way as a teenager, I think I would snap thirty seconds before you did. It’s a little awkward to do it over dinner.

There was no blame on the kid; the person on Reddit said the father was to blame. Though, another person said that the teen’s dad and his whole family were to blame for everything. This person also said: “I also don’t think your family would have lined up to defend your mom if she was cheating.”

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