A woman took a picture of herself running through the rainforest, but when she enlarged the picture, she was scared.

There are a lot of “spooky” pictures on the internet these days. If you want to look for them, there are a lot of pictures that show what people think are sightings of things like Bigfoot, UFOs, and ghosts in the windows of old, run-down houses. Let’s be honest: most of these pictures aren’t as scary as people make them out to be. Scary or supernatural parts are usually just the result of the camera blurring by chance or the work of a Photoshop genius with too much free time.

There are, however, pictures that don’t seem to make sense in any way. Runner Kay Borleis found something upsetting in a picture she took and wants to run the 100 miles through the Hawaiian jungle with her. What’s important is not to question why someone would put themselves through such a hard physical task. Kay is said to have run five laps of a twenty-mile loop through thick jungle as part of the 2019 Hawaiian Ultra Running Team Trail 100-Mile Endurance Run.

Someone named Cassie, who is friends with Kay and was also their guide, took pictures of them while they ran. It looked like a picture showed Kay walking through the bushes on a muddy road. Still, when she looked at the picture more closely, she saw something that could only be described as troubling. Kay wrote on Reddit, “This picture was taken by my pacer.” She then went on to explain.”Look at the person in the picture to the left of my head. Along the path, there were no statues and no one ever came by.

“It looks real and wasn’t edited or made.” This is real.” When you look at the picture up close, it does look like a shadowy person in sloppy clothes is watching Kay run. On the other hand, Kay said that no one was there when those things happened. She said, “The legend says that the island is haunted by the ghosts of Hawaiian warriors. They are called Night Marchers.” “They are killer shades, demons, and revenants that live on the island.”

They are the angry, rabid ghosts of Hawaiian fighters, heroes, and soldiers from the past.We learned more about this and learned that “ancient Hawaiian tenets assert that any mortal gazing upon or being viewed in defiance of the marchers will die horribly and violently.” Many say that if a person lies still on the ground and bows down to the marchers, they are showing the marchers respect, fear, and reverence, and they will be forgiven and saved. “Thank goodness we didn’t see the Night Marcher.”

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