Minus 50 kg. The hard route to the goal. Now she looks unrecognizable.

Ellada took control of her life and went from being overweight to becoming a fitness teacher who helps other people get in shape. The young mother said that she had issues with being overweight as a child. At first, she thought it was all because of her genes. Then she decided to do something bold and started following a strict diet. She was able to lose weight and is now a healthy 50 kg.

She also became interested in working out and even became an exercise instructor. When Elliada got pregnant, though, she quickly put on weight. It turned out to be all about hormones going wrong. She could gain 2 kg in a week at that point. When her daughter turned six months old, she went back to the gym.Elliada says that having her husband and teacher by her side helped her a lot.

For the first six months of her training, she only lost 10 kg. Elliada lost another 10 kg of weight after she started dancing exercises with martial arts moves. Because of this, the girl lost 30 kg of extra weight in a year and a half. Since the start of her change, she has lost about 45 kg. She is still going after the girl, whose weight is now about 70 kg. As a fitness teacher, she also keeps working and helps other girls get the body they want.

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