For her poor grandson’s birthday, a grandma who had died left a piñata. Something very strange fell out of it.

Today, Pablo, who is finally an adult, learns about the money his grandma left him in the law office. He is expecting the house where he grew up and a small amount of money, but the lawyer surprises him by telling him about a special gift: his grandma left him a piñata to make up for lost birthdays.Pablo smiled, but he couldn’t speak because his feelings were too strong.

His grandma made piñatas that looked like famous people and were filled with tasty candies. They were a hit with his friends. I found it interesting that she paid extra attention to him in her last days. “Wow, this is amazing. To say “thank you, Mr. Collado,” Pablo stood up and shook the lawyer’s hand. After getting the house keys, he chose to move right away.

Sarah was happy for him, which made her relationship with the kid stronger after a big loss. Pablo needs to go out into the world and make his own decisions now. He didn’t go to college, and it was still unclear what he should do. Soon after, Pablo finished the move with the help of Sarah and her friends. He held a party for friends, neighbors, and Sarah to celebrate the event. He was breaking the donkey piñata when he found something strange: an old metal key that no one can figure out.

Pablo lived with his grandma and had a locked basement for a long time. He thought about calling a locksmith to open it after he moved in, but he never did. Pablo asked his grandma a long time ago what was in the basement, and she said vaguely that he would find out when it was time. That day finally came. Pablo chose to find out what was going on, but he wanted to do it by himself. He put the key in his pocket and shared the candy at the party by shaking the piñata.

After everyone left, he went to the basement door, put the key in, and, after some trouble, opened it. When Pablo went downstairs after turning on the light, he smelled dampness. All around were boxes, chests, and bags. At first look, there didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary about it. But when he opened it up, he was surprised to find old jewelry and family keepsakes inside.

Albums were stacked in the room and labeled by decade. They were made to look like a family tree. As he read the names, he felt proud and like he wasn’t so alone in the world. Finally, he found his grandfather’s uniform, pictures of him in the military, and a lot more in one of the bags. The fire was fought by his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, as shown in pictures. I felt moved by a picture of his mother in particular; she worked for the fire service!

A newspaper article about his parents’ brave deaths in a forest fire was also there. He changed when he took on the old form of his grandfather. It was fate’s way of calling. He felt more sure of himself, so the next week he signed up for training at the fire crew. When it came time to have kids, he told himself that they would know the truth about the family history.

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