Groom Hides a Secret From His Bride, But Karma Gets The Job Done

Jane is getting ready to marry Anthony when she gets texts from unknown people telling her not to. She finds out why the warnings were given when she goes on a wild goose chase to a nearby hotel.Jane was sitting in front of a big mirror at the wedding setting when soft morning light came in through the curtains. Her big day had come. As she put on her makeup, her moves were slow and thought-out, like she was meditating. She looked at herself with quiet thought in her eyes.

Her mother stood behind her and changed the dress on the bed. “Do your hair and makeup first,” she said in a soft voice. “And then we’ll slip you into your dress.”Jane nodded, and as she put on her makeup, her hands stayed still. “I know, Mom,” she said in a low voice. “You’re so calm,” her mom said. “Are you excited to see Anthony?” Jane stopped, and the eyeliner hung in the air. She said, “Yes,” in a soft voice. “He’s put all of his energy into planning the wedding.”

I had no idea he was so good at it.Her mother laughed. “That’s my Janey, always full of surprises.” Jane could see a small, sad smile in her mirror. “You know, meeting Anthony was pretty much like a cheesy love story.” Of all places, at the grocery store.” Her mom’s eyes lit up with laughter. “The story of the meeting over watermelon.” Sometimes you can find love in the fruit and vegetable area.

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Jane’s smile grew as she thought back to that day and remembered Anthony’s easy charm, the jokes they told each other about watermelons, and how much they laughed together. Everything seemed like a beautiful dream far away. But it was nice to think about as she put on her wedding dress. “But you know,” she said as she put on more mascara, her words trailing off, “I’ve always been the one who tries to make other people happy.” What Anthony liked most about me was that.”

Her mother agreed, “That’s true.” “You’ve always been good at making everyone happy.” But don’t forget that today is about you, Jane. When she looked at her mother in the mirror, she was about to say something when her phone rang. Jane saw a voice message when she picked it up. She turned it down low so her mother wouldn’t hear it with wrinkled brows. “You need to cancel the wedding, Jane,” the voice said over the room.

You shouldn’t do this. You don’t know some things. Hidden things. Jane, believe me. It’s for the best. Call off the wedding.” Jane’s hand was shaking a little. As soon as her mother noticed the change, she leaned in to show worry. “What is it, honey?”She shook her head, and a storm of doubt filled her eyes. “Mom, it’s nothing. “I need to leave for a moment.” “In your wedding dress?” “Yes,” she replied, taking a deep breath.

It’s thought to be bad luck for the husband to see the bride in her dress before the wedding, but Jane walked across the hallway with purpose. It took her a moment to decide how to open Anthony’s door when she got to his room at the venue. Anthony was shocked and turned around, his eyes getting bigger. “Jane! His words were shaky: “What are you? You shouldn’t be here in your dress.”

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Jane’s voice was steady and easy to understand. Antony, we need to talk. Now.””What’s wrong?” Through the lines on his forehead, Anthony’s confusion was clear, but there was something else in his eyes that caught my attention. Feeling guilty? “This,” Jane said as she played the strange voice message on her phone. When the speech message was over, the room went quiet. Anthony’s face went from being confused to being mildly amused. “Is this a joke?” Who would send that to you?”

Jane looked straight into his eyes. “Is there something you’re not telling me, Anthony?” “No, of course not!” Anthony responded right away. Way too fast. “It’s got to be a prank.” In worry, Jane pursed her lips. Anthony moved toward her. “Jane, don’t let this bother you. Today is going to be big. Don’t forget that my big business deal is tomorrow. All of this could be a part of it. “You understand how important this is.”Anthony changed his mind. “No, no, of course not,” he said.

“Think about it, though. Our lives might be different after tomorrow. We might be on our way to becoming rich. “Don’t let a stupid message mess everything up.” Jane shut her eyes and said, “I need some time to think.” His face got softer. “I get it. But please think about us and what will happen to us. Now I’m going to get the priest from the airport. I’ll wait at the end of the aisle for you later. After a soft kiss on the head, he left, leaving Jane even more confused.

When she got back to her room, she stood still. After finishing getting ready, Jane’s mother walked into the room. When she saw Jane’s sad eyes, her face turned worried.She asked, “Jane, darling, what’s wrong?” Jane tried to give a comforting smile, but it didn’t work. “It’s not a big deal, Mom.” “I guess it was just nerves before the wedding.” Her mother didn’t believe her. “You can tell me anything, you know that.”

Jane thought about it for a while. A sharp knock at the door cut them off before she could decide if she should tell her mother. She said, “I’ll get it,” right away. When she opened the door, there was no one there, just a strange package. The thought of it made Jane pick it up and bring it inside. Inside, Jane saw a bunch of pictures that broke her heart. They were of Anthony with another woman, and it was clear that they were very close.

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But among the pictures was a card that made her shiver: “Karma will show you the way.”Her mother let out a gasp of shock. “What is this, Jane?” Who is that? Anthony? Would you like to blackmail him?” Jane just nodded, feeling like the ground had been pulled out from under her. She didn’t know how else to explain it. She called Anthony’s number with shaking hands because she needed to hear his voice.

Ring, ring, ring. The phone rang over and over in the room, and each tone hurt her heart. He didn’t answer. “I know this hotel,” her mom said. “They have the same lamp in each room.” “Really then?” In what place?” Jane asked her mother for the address, and her mother reluctantly gave it to her. “I need to leave. “I will be back soon.” “Be careful.”
She quickly left with a nod and the pictures in her hand, which she thought were a link to the truth. She got to the hotel faster than anyone else.

As she got closer to the front desk, her heart was beating fast. Jane cleared her throat and said, “Hi Anthony, I need to check on a guest.” “His last name is Sanders.”
The young man at the front desk, who had a nice smile, said, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we can’t share guest information.” It’s against the rules of our hotel.” “Please, it’s really important,” Jane begged. I think he’s here, and I need to see him right away.”

The front desk worker’s face stayed empathic but firm. “I understand, but I really can’t help you.” Jane didn’t know what to do next, so she turned away. But right then, she heard the front desk worker call out to a hotel maid. “Karma, you’re needed in room 121 for cleaning.” Jane stopped moving. What’s karma? The note! Things will work out for you. A middle-aged woman with a kind face was the maid.

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She turned around and saw that she understood the order and looked at her for a second. Jane knew at that very moment that this was her lead. She dreaded every step as she followed her down the hall, but she had to find out the truth. As Karma walked into room 121, Jane waited a moment and then gently knocked on the door. Her surprise was that it was open. “Wow. You know a lot. A woman got out of bed and said, “I wasn’t sure if you would get my message, but it did.”

“Thank you, Karma. You’re free to leave. There was still confusion at the front door when the maid walked by Jane. She then left them alone. Jane said in a low voice, “You’re the woman in the pictures.” “Anya,” she called herself, and she quit. “Are you Jane?” It’s about time you knew everything, right?” She asked in a whisper, “How long?” For how long has this been going on?”

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“Too long,” Anya said. “But I just now learned about you.” Why did he want to keep me as his mistress? That’s when I said “enough” “We had to stop him.”A noise in the hallway caught their attention before Jane could answer. “Right away! He’s there! Anya told Jane, “Hide it and record it.” She pushed her toward the bathroom just as the door to the hotel room opened.

Anthony walked in with ease, like he owned the room. Anya faked a warm welcome for him that made Jane’s skin crawl, even though she couldn’t see it. When Jane was sure they were closer to the bed, she opened the bathroom door a little, pulled out her phone, and began recording them talking. Anthony’s words and the way he talked to Anya without making it official cut her like a knife. For her, that was proof enough that the man she was going to marry was lying.

Things were getting hotter, but Jane had had enough, both in her mind and on the video, and quickly left. But she didn’t break down. Instead, she felt a part of her old self fall away, making room for a new one to appear. Jane went back to the wedding site and told her mom everything. They came up with a plan to make Anthony feel bad about betraying them.
After an hour, the guests got together, and the wedding march started. Jane walked down the aisle and sat down at the altar next to Anthony, who was smiling.

As the ceremony went on, Jane’s chest shook when they got to the promises. When the priest told her to say her vows, she told the video technician what to do, and he did what she asked and played the recording she had made in her hotel room. As the proof of Anthony’s cheating showed on the screen, the room was filled with his loving words to Anya. His guests gasped in shock, and he lost all the color in his face.

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Jane turned around to face the crowd. Her voice was loud and clear. “We’re not getting married because my groom cheats on me.” “I can’t marry a man I don’t trust.”
Anthony tried to argue, “No, this is a misunderstanding,” but no one listened. The crowd was making a lot of noise, but a woman stood up and stopped it. Anthony could team up with Mrs. Richards in business, and she was the one who could help them “become millionaires.”

“Mr. Sanders, I cannot work with someone who lacks integrity and loyalty,” she said. “Our deal is off, and I will make sure everyone in our industry knows about this.” “No!” Anthony yelled and put up his hand to stop Mrs. Richards. But she left, and a stream of unhappy guests followed her. Antony tripped over Jane’s mother as he tried to follow the important businesswoman. Jane looked down at him with a frown and a small sense of satisfaction at the way he looked powerless. It needed to be rubbed in.

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Antony, Jane told him, “Karma did her job.” After hearing those last words, Jane and her mother walked away from the aisle. Jane’s mom asked, “What now?” in the car. Jane said with a proud nod, “Let’s go home, pack up his things, throw them away, and move on.”On the way, they stopped for dinner. Jane felt lighter as time went on because she wasn’t trying to please other people anymore. Instead, she was a woman who had been lied to and come out stronger.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Youtube/DramatizeMe

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