Strange smell coming from the new house, so the man checks the vents and finds this

James and Mandy Fiser thought they had found the perfect home in Pittsburgh, but their happy ending turned dark when they found secret mysteries in their new home. After missing a strange floor hatch on the first tour, their interest led them to a key hidden in a vent in their home office, which they hadn’t expected to find.

There was a secret door in the kitchen behind an old cabinet that led to a dimly lit basement full of old furniture and framed pictures. But that wasn’t the end of their trip into the house’s past. They found a box with old recipes and, amazingly, the original plans from 1887 in a locked hatch.

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The Fisers found a darker history of the house as they looked into its past. The box had disturbing jars of preserved foods and animal bodies inside. It was connected to a secret vent in the living room that their dog, Scout, had been interested in.

The Fisers were shocked by the horrible discovery and went to get help. That’s when they learned that similar things happened all the time in Pennsylvania’s old Victorian homes. The items were linked to a healing method called “powwow,” which mixed religious and health practices. The last person who lived there, an old woman, probably did these things to heal herself.

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The Fisers chose to get rid of the upsetting items, which got rid of the bad smell and made the living space more comfortable. They are now determined to make their dream home their own, free from the troubling secrets of the past, now that they know where the strange events were coming from. The house is now free of any strange remains, and the Fisers can continue making their lives there.

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