Mom Shares Foster Son’s First Birthday Celebration And A Sweet Revelation About What He Wishes For.

We never know where life will lead us. Danielle Sims and her husband previously had only two sons. Then a unique little kid entered their lives. They chose to take him in as a foster son. He entered their lives just in time for his seventh birthday.

Danielle posted a video from that memorable day to TikTok. In it, the now-7-year-old makes a wish and blows out his candles. Years pass before he tells Danielle his wish: to remain with them forever. This video has gone viral, prompting people to inquire if they ever adopted this cute 7-year-old. To answer your question, I highly recommend watching the video below.

That’s correct, Danielle adopted not just her first foster son, but also his three younger brothers! Of course, doing so had a significant impact on their lives, but their older sons were supportive. Their former youngest child has grown into a terrific big brother! Change can be daunting. But, as the Sims family can attest, not all change is negative. They couldn’t be more pleased with the unexpected turn of events in their lives.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what their first foster son wants now that his original birthday wish has come true, his simple response may surprise you. Find out what it is in the video below. That’s correct: now that this sweet boy has a new, loving home, all he wants is simple things like gummy bears.

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