After divorce, a woman quits her job, sells everything, downsizes, and moves into a trendy compact house with wheels. Take a look inside

Your home reflects who you are, who you used to be, and where you hope to go. A house is a holy area that must meet your needs and be appropriate for your lifestyle. And, as the globe has shown us, there are a few homeowners who continue to wow us with their ingenious and well-planned shelters. Kari’s reduced home represents her background and attitude. When she got divorced, she quit her job and sold everything she owned except a handful of boxes.

Kari was able to reevaluate what was essential in her life and make a fresh start.She utilized her severance settlement to jumpstart a new life and traveled for 15 months, documenting her entire trip around Europe on a blog. Throughout her travels, Kari lived in a variety of modest spaces, including a shepherd’s bothy on an island off the coast of Iona, Scotland.

This small home provided her with refuge for a few months, and its simplicity and ease inspired her to build her own modern tiny home. Her current home was designed by her and her architect father together. “My father, a retired architect, began working on some concepts while I was away. “When I got home, he showed them to me, and we began collaborating…” Kari stated.The little house measures 24 feet long and 8.5 feet broad.

Kari’s friend, Tom, has a trendy little cottage in his front yard. Kari’s parking place is conveniently located in downtown Portland, so she can stroll to her friend’s house and explore the city. beyond, you’ll notice the home’s patterned chocolate-brown metal walls, which suit the trees and plants right beyond Kari’s living area. The room’s décor and design reflect a Scandinavian aesthetic.

The ceiling, cupboards, and inner walls are entirely built of Russian birch. Kari’s modern tiny house features a continuous light wood pattern.Everything is in one room, but the components work together to create an ordered and comfortable environment. “I knew I was going to spend a lot of time here. I work from home and live here, so I wanted to have plenty of light and brightness. That was extremely significant to me.” Kari stated.

Because Kari has limited space, her couch and boxes have become storage areas for her winter clothes, hiking equipment, and personal souvenirs.As a 6-foot-3 woman, Kari found it difficult to design a plan that allowed her to stand in the living room while sitting on her bed. To address this issue, she uses a remote control to lower her bed.When the bed is pulled down, the house transforms into a pleasant haven where she spends much of her time working and relaxing.

In the kitchen, raised counters surround the sink, as well as the propane-powered stove and oven. Beyond is a separate space for her small fridge, pantry, and washer, which are neatly stowed opposite her full-size wardrobe. Kari’s bathroom features a toilet with a little basin on top. Her makeup and personal hygiene supplies are comfortably stored on a recessed organizer at the end of her mirror, which wraps around the side.

When you pay a visit to Kari’s small residence, her shower area will take you by surprise. To access the bathing area, you must first shove her wardrobe sideways. “So one of the things my father discovered while completing his research is that the showers are a really underutilized location in terms of square footage. “I have a full-size wardrobe that sits over my shower for most of the day, and I roll it out of the way when I need to use the shower…” Kari explained.

Kari’s reduced home after divorce enabled her to pursue painting, travel, writing, and other passion pursuits. It’s paradoxical that Kari’s trendy compact house frees her space in her life for more important things.

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