5 Signs A Married Male Coworker Likes You

It’s easier to get things done when you work with people you like. Getting things done faster is possible when you get along well with your coworkers. However, one coworker may seem to like you a little more than the others, maybe even more than a friend or coworker. He might make you think that he’s trying to get close to you, which can be uncomfortable. If the person you’re talking to is married, this can get even more awkward and confusing. But how do you know for sure if this is true?

There are many different ways that people connect with each other, and some people are naturally more friendly or outgoing than others. Most of the time, that’s fine. If you think there is more going on, though, you might be right. In that case, you might want to know what to watch out for. How do you know if a married man likes you more than a friend? If you work with a married man, or any other male friend, these eight signs mean he might be interested in you.

Two coworkers are sitting at a desk and looking at a laptop; the man is typing on the keyboard and they both have focused expressions.

These things can also mean that two people at work like each other. Some of these things might not seem like they have anything to do with you at first, but if more than one of them are present, they could be signs that this person likes you.1. He looks you in the eyes a Does the person in question often look at you with their eyes? Most of the time, people look at the thing or person they are concentrating on. When they’re really into someone, they might make more eye contact than normal. He might be trying to get your attention if the eye contact lasts too long or happens too often.

On the other hand, a male coworker who avoids your eyes or looks at you a lot but quickly turns away when you notice could be interested but afraid to show it. Keep in mind that everyone makes and feels eye contact differently. Also, there are many reasons a person might look at you, so there may be another reason for this. It could be a sign, especially when used with other signs or motions.

2. He tries to spend time with you by yourself. If someone is interested in you, they may try to find a way to be alone with you very often. If a married man at work wants to date you or get your attention, he might say something to you alone so no one else can see. He might set you up for this by asking you into his office for no reason, trying to work with you on multiple projects, getting you to meet up “for work” but not talking about work, and other things. In this case, he may be using the fact that you work for him as a reason to meet with you alone. Again, the situation is important, but if someone makes plans to spend time alone with you a lot, it could mean that they like you personally.

A couple are sitting outside on steps; the man is holding a laptop and they are both looking at it and smiling.

3. He asks you about your love life all the timeThe fact that someone wants to know about your love life could mean that they like you. That person might just be making small talk or getting to know you better at work. But asking about plans, your partner, and other things over and over again could be a sign of attraction. In the same way, he might be more subtle when he wants to know if you’re dating someone else (for example, by asking what your weekend plans are or where you got your jewelry).

4. His body language or signs show Many things about the way someone looks can tell you if they like you. Body language is important to pay attention to, especially if you’ve already seen other clues. From across the room, he might look at you with his eyes. When you’re close to him, he might also feel a little nervous or really excited and happy. For some people, smiling more often is a sign that they are feeling something for someone. He might also show off, lean in, or part his lips. If this friend seems to be showing these physical signs, he might like you.5. He gives you a lot of praise.

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You may have noticed that this friend always says nice things about how you look. If someone likes you, it makes sense for them to tell you that. It’s possible that there is a reason why this person compliments you every day, or if the compliments seem intense or flirty. Of course, some people might praise coworkers in a friendly way once in a while. Pay close attention to how often he compliments you and what he’s saying. It’s possible that he can’t stop praising the same part of your body or talking about the clothes you wear. Do not be afraid to talk to HR or someone else for help if praises become inappropriate in any way.

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