Before, the boy feels bad that he didn’t open the rusty box that his grandfather gave him.

A young man finds a treasure in an old box that his grandfather gave him many years ago after his grandpa has died. He says he was successful on his own, but he knows he had help and says he didn’t always treat his grandfather with the respect he earned. After the tragic deaths of his parents as a child, his life changes when he moves in with his grandpa in a small town from the city.

He does well in sports after starting to run to ease his pain and suffering. But his success makes him feel complicated when his grandfather proudly cheers him on in competitions. When he goes for college, he stops seeing his grandfather and feels a mix of shame and happiness.”A soft voice said, “Surely there are good things…” “Like what?” I asked with anger. “Living on the streets”? “Yes, great things!”

He told his grandpa in a low voice, “I did everything I could.” His eyes were filled with tears. “Your best wasn’t very good, was it?” I asked meanly. My grandpa told me goodbye at the train station the next day, “I love you, Jaime, and I’m proud of you.” It was the last time I saw him that he said, “You’re my hero.” After two days, I found an old tin box while unpacking in my new apartment and thought of my grandpa.

Even though they had tense conversations and awkward moments, Grandpa always kept in touch by sending him cards and asking him to come visit. When I found out three years later that he had died, I understood that the sadness was real, even though we had fought. When I opened the box and saw the pictures inside, I saw sadness and care in his eyes.I found a note at the bottom of the jar that said, “Jamie, don’t let the hurt of the past change who you are and where you came from.” “I love you and am happy for you.”

That night, I cried for both my grandpa and myself because I had left the love that had kept me warm as a child. Too late to make up for what I did, but early enough to fill the box with pride.When my son was born, I named him after my grandpa. For his birthday last year, I gave him a sports scholarship in his hometown. He probably would have liked it.

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