A teacher scolds a boy for coming late to class and demands to meet his parents. But the boy doesn’t show up the next day, and only his grandma comes, saying he is sick

A boy gets in trouble for being late to class, and the teacher makes him meet his parents. But the next day, the boy doesn’t show up. Only his grandmother does, and she says he’s sick. When the teacher comes back later as a surprise, he finds that the boy’s life is much worse than he thought.Mr. Morgan was excited to start his new job as a history teacher. He walked into the seventh-grade classroom ready to wow the students with his talk about the Great Depression and World War II. But a few minutes into the lesson, the door suddenly creaked open.

The class went silent as everyone looked around to see who was talking during the lesson. A boy walked in with his eyes on the floor and sat down. He didn’t say anything or look up at the teacher. “Good morning, young man,” Mr. Morgan said in a serious tone. “You’re 20 minutes late for class. It’s 9:15. Why do you want to do that?” But the boy did not answer. He just sat there.”Could you please stand up and introduce yourself?” Mr. Morgan also said. The boy came up, looked up, and said, “My name is Archie.” He rubbed his tired eyes together. Archie looked messy and dizzy, like he hadn’t slept at all the night before.

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“Hi, Archie. It’s nice to meet you. I’m now teaching History to you. You’re not on time for class. Could you explain why? You walked right in without saying anything, and I won’t put up with that behavior.”Archie thought about it for a while. “Sorry, sir. I slept too much. I’m sorry I was late. “I was just tired, sir,” he said, yawning out loud, making the whole class laugh. “Silence!” Mr. Morgan asked. “Archie, you can’t be this late for class.” May I look at your work? I heard that your old history teacher gave you homework every weekend. Please show it to me.”

Mr. Morgan looked uncomfortable when Archie gave him his notebook. “Umm, looks like you didn’t do your homework at all.” The boy told the teacher, “I didn’t do it, sir,” as she looked through the rest of the pages. “What is this, Archie?” What about this? “This whole term, you haven’t done any of your homework,” Mr. Morgan told her. “Okay, I want to meet your parents tomorrow first thing in the morning. Or I’ll take you right to the principal’s office. Is that all right?””Yes, sir,” Archie said in a low voice as he slouched in his seat.

The next day, though, the boy didn’t come to class, and Mr. Morgan became worried.That’s not right. I told Archie to bring his parents today, but he’s not there…I hope I scared him. The rest of Mr. Morgan’s lesson was stressful as he thought, “I just wanted to help him.” “All right, everyone! I’ll see you tomorrow…Also, don’t forget your work. He said as he packed his things and got ready to leave, “It’s due in two days.” At that very moment, he saw an older woman, maybe in her 80s, waiting outside the classroom.

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“Excuse me, are you looking for someone?” She said yes to Mr. Morgan.The woman coughed and said, “My name is Willow, and I’m Archie’s grandmother.” “Mrs. Parker.” “Hi Mrs. Parker, it’s nice to meet you. Archie skipped school today. Is he okay with everything?”Grandma shook her head. “No, I told my grandson not to go to school this morning because he was a little sick.” His dad told him you wanted to meet his parents. What do you want to talk about then? My daughter was unable to attend. Tell me, and I’ll let her know.

Mr. Morgan talked about how worried he was about Archie being late, not doing his chores, and getting bad grades. He stressed how important it was to meet with Archie’s mother right away to talk about these problems.Archie’s grandmother agreed to set up a time for him and his mom to meet. Even though Mr. Morgan was somewhat pleased, he was still worried about the boy’s progress in school. He frowned as he saw Archie’s grandmother leave the school.Soon after, Mr. Smith, the school’s director, came up to them. “May I invite you to my workplace?” I need to talk about something important.”

The director made a fist on the stable surface of his desk in his office while sitting down. “Mr. Morgan, Archie is a great kid, but things are hard for him right now.” Since you’re new, you might not know that his father died and that his mother… has problems. These things have made his grades worse. We’ve chosen to kick him out next month because he won’t be able to keep going. Mr. Morgan was shocked and said, “Get rid of him!” Why, though? He is having problems, but throwing him out isn’t the answer. He needs help, not being turned down. “What if he goes in the wrong direction?”

“We need to stick to our standards.” I’ve given Archie chances, but he’s not getting better. His appearance is having an effect on our grades, Mr. Smith said with a shake of his head.Mr. Morgan tried to make his point stronger, but it didn’t help. The director told him to write an evaluation for Archie’s legal expulsion. That was not okay for the new History teacher.

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That night, he drove to Archie’s house to try to let his mother know. He kept knocking and when no one answered, he carefully went inside. The room was filled with the smell of old booze and the sight of empty whiskey bottles lying around. It’s Mrs. Parker. He called out, “Archie?” but quickly jumped back when Archie’s grandma showed up. She was also surprised and asked, “Mr. Morgan, what brings you here?”It was important to me to talk to Archie’s mom about… Archie is the only thing that worries me. He asked, “Where is he?”She quickly answered, “He’s out getting medicine,” but her eyes were still darting around the room.

“By yourself? Doesn’t he feel sick?” Mr. Morgan asked with a raised eyebrow. “He can handle it.” “I have to do some things here,” she said, moving her hand around. Mr. Morgan reluctantly nodded and left the room. But Archie came back just as he was leaving. When the teacher saw the boy, who was dressed in dirty clothes and smelled strongly of tobacco, she stopped right away. The boy looked at him with wide eyes and ran away quickly.”Wait, Archie! “Don’t run,” Mr. Morgan yelled as he caught up. “I stopped by to see you. What is going on? “What makes you smell like smoke?”

Archie moved around a bit before he looked up at his teacher. “Sir, please leave now and never come back here.” I’m fine, I’m just tired and need to wash up. “Are you tired?” Your grandmother told us you were sick, so you didn’t go to school. I know you have something to hide. The teacher said, “Tell me, I can help.” Mr. Morgan wouldn’t give in when Archie asked him to leave again. “Archie, the director wants to kick you out of school.

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You need to tell me what’s going on because I won’t let it happen. He asked, “Why didn’t you come to school?”The boy hesitated for a moment, but soon let loose and took on what seemed like a lifetime of duty. “My mom borrowed money from bad people after my dad died.” She got drunk while working in an underground cigarette factory. I saw her… with a needle in her hand. The kid looked down and said, “I work part-time at the factory to help her pay off her debt.”

“You are too young for this.” It hurts your health. Isn’t this a bad choice? “Why don’t you do the same for your mother?” asked Archie. The way Mr. Morgan shook his head wasn’t to deny it, but to show anger. “Something better is meant for you.” Check your hands; they should be on books, not tobacco. “Go back to school, and we’ll help your mom,” he told her.”What does it matter? You can give me a bad grade and get me kicked out of school. “I’m the weakest person in class; nothing will change,” the boy said, feeling down.Mr. Morgan tried to convince Archie, but he pulled away and walked away. You can call me Mr. Morgan. The boys need food, so I have to cook it. “Granny’s broth is gross!”

“What if we switch spots?” I’ll make dinner while you do your work. “When you get home from work, you should focus on your studies,” Mr. Morgan told her. “If you want to burn your fingers in my kitchen, go ahead!” Archie said with a shrug.Archie’s family was fed by Mr. Morgan so that the boy could concentrate on his schoolwork. It turned into a habit. He would sometimes go to the workplace and let Archie finish his work. They talked while they worked and studied, and soon they were very close, which neither of them had expected.After a month, Archie’s grades got better, so the director thought again about kicking him out of school. Say thanks to Mr. Morgan.

Archie choked up and said, “I couldn’t have done this without you.” “No, Archie, it’s your hard work,” Mr. Morgan told him with joy. A knock on the door cut short their party while they were eating. This made Archie’s heart race as he looked out the window at the Child Protective Services workers. They asked, “May we come in and meet your guardian?” They walked in before the boy could respond, and it didn’t take them long to decide what to do. One of the workers said, “I’m sorry, but we have to take you and your brothers to a temporary group home until we find a better place for you.””No! This is where we live. They wrapped their arms around Archie and told him, “We’re not leaving.

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He screamed and fought against the workers. “Give me a break… Don’t take us away, please. Dear Mr. Morgan, please help us, Granny.” As they left, Mr. Morgan watched and told Archie that everything would be okay in the end. Archie and his brothers were taken to a shelter even though he begged them very hard not to. For a while, the boy tried to get in touch with his mother and Mr. Morgan but couldn’t.For some reason, Archie was sure that the headmaster was to blame for everything. He was the only bad guy the boy had ever known, and he wanted to kick him out at some point.

So, he felt very angry at the old, bald man. But that anger went away when he and his brothers were adopted.After fifteen years, Archie went back to his old school. He felt both nostalgic and excited as he walked down the familiar halls. A voice he knew came over the school’s speaker, which made him stop. When Archie turned around and went to the principal’s office, he saw that Mr. Morgan, his old history teacher, had been hired instead of Mr. English. “Are you the new English teacher?” Mr. Morgan asked with a smile on his face.

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Hey Mr. Morgan! Hi, my name is Archie. Remember me? “The boy who smelled like smoke and never did his work?” Archie showed who he was.”ARCHIE?!” Mr. Morgan let out a gasp, and his smile grew.They sat down and talked about their lives and what had happened since they had seen each other last. He then cleared his throat, and what he said next was sad and heavy. “That day, I called CPS. My only goal was to make things better for you kids.

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I’m sorry I didn’t tell you…”I hope you’ll forgive me,” he said, letting out a gust of air. “I felt like something wasn’t right. “At first I thought it was Mr. Smith, but then I realized he was just worried about my grades,” Archie said with a laugh. “Mr. Morgan, I owe you everything. “You had faith in me when no one else did.” Taking a moment to swallow, Archie spoke again.The young man bit his bottom lip and said, “Sometimes, the best choice is the one that hurts the most.” Mr. Morgan nodded and covered his eyes to hide the tears. Thank you very much.

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