With a magic fertilizer, you don’t have to use chemical fertilizers.

In the tomato hole that a farmer dug, he puts a banana and an egg. At first, the method may seem strange, but the result is amazing. The first results can already be seen a few days after planting. This works for a lot of people. The video of the man digging a hole and then putting an egg and a banana in it has been seen all over the world. The video was seen by almost 1.2 million people.

In the pictures, you can see a man using a special method to fertilize vegetables. He digs a hole in the ground and puts an egg and a banana that are still in their shells inside it. Place the tomato seedlings on top of them and then cover them with soil. In time, the egg and banana will break down and provide the so-called “magic nutrients,” which are very important for veggie seeds.

The guy gave up on chemical fertilizers that are bad for the land, vegetables, and our health in favor of a natural fertilizer that works very well and only needs two things. We all know that when the ozone layer and ecosystems get worse, it gets harder to grow fruits and veggies, and they taste and look worse as well. This makes a lot of people use chemicals.

The trouble is that these fertilizers are often man-made and not natural, which is not good. Soil, fruits, and veggies become “poisoned” when too many chemical fertilizers are used, which is very dangerous for people to eat. The use of these chemicals speeds up plant growth and makes fruits and veggies look better, but it hurts the taste of the food and will definitely hurt crops over time.

When chemicals make plants weaker, they are more likely to get diseases and be eaten by pests. This makes it harder for them to grow and develop, and in some cases it’s impossible. Because there are so many natural fertilizers out there, it is best to use them as often as you can. As the detailed example of the egg and banana above shows, natural fertilizers like ash, dung, and veggie waste may also not cost much.

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