DNA Tests Shake Family’s Lives Upside Down

People may ask for DNA or paternity tests for a number of reasons. But the five stories below show how it can ruin friendships and even break up marriages. Now that kids can get DNA tests, people treat them differently. Five people on Reddit wrote about how getting DNA tests changed their lives in big ways.They both find out that their child isn’t biologically theirs.

A 29-year-old woman on Reddit said she met her 31-year-old husband in college and loved him very much. Before he got a DNA test, things were going well between them. They had a girl together who was five years old. She passed the test, and her husband started to like her more. The original author (OP) was shocked when he found out she was cheating on him. That no one else could be the father of their daughter because she and her husband were already married when they tried to have a child.

“I broke the rules and never would do it again.” Before she met her husband, OP had only slept with two other guys. The results made OP’s husband work longer hours and not talk to his wife as much as he used to. Though they both had blue eyes, he thought the little girl’s brown eyes were odd. He told her he passed the test. After he calmed down, he agreed to talk about it more. At one point, he told OP to leave their house.

To find out the truth, they chose to test a few things. He said he’d lose his mind if the tests didn’t prove his wife wasn’t guilty. There was a big surprise when a blood test showed that neither of them was the girl’s real father. Someone called the cops, and an officer came over to talk to the family. Their lives changed in big ways. OP and her husband stood together when they sued the hospital where she gave birth.

She was scared to think of her real daughter as she thought about where the child might be. What scared her the most, though, was what would happen when the little girl was found.
Being the guardian of her five-year-old daughter, she was still interested in her birth daughter. She didn’t want the child to find out they weren’t her birth parents because it would ruin her childhood. She was also worried that the child would talk badly about her with her friends and at school.

After a few weeks, OP went back to Reddit to say that they had found their real daughter and were taking care of her. The child was picked up from the hospital by her fake parents. When the police found out she wasn’t their real child, they put her in foster care. People in question (OP) and their husband tried to adopt a child from foster care. The court case about how careless the hospital was got them about $2 million as a settlement.

For years, they had lived with their daughter. They told her that her sister was going to stay with them. OP and her husband told the little girl they loved her even though a lot was going on. She and her husband were going to start over with their kids in a new place this time. We’re lucky that story ended well. Where was the dad who took the test because his kid had darker skin? A man takes a paternity test in secret to make his family happy.

In the “Relationship Advice” community in 2022, a Brazilian-American woman who was 30 years old asked for help with her problem. They had a three-year-old girl who looked different from them, she said. Her husband is Serbian and is 29 years old. The people in her husband’s family had light skin, but the people in her family were light brown and mixed race. The person on Reddit and her husband were close to their extended families. They often took their child to see them to learn about other cultures.

Their girl was born with smooth hair and light skin. Her hair got darker brown as she got older. The child’s face is changing, and her hair is getting curlier, which makes the rest of the family curious. People who knew the Redditor’s husband were always interested in their lives and their daughter. The family of her husband made a joke about “the milkman” and how she got too much sun while she was pregnant a year before she wrote the post.

People kept making mean jokes, but the child’s mother didn’t say anything until they stopped. She looked through the pictures on her husband’s phone for days before she wrote on Reddit. A certain shot was on their minds while they fixed a fence issue. She thought the picture of the paper was what she was looking for, but it was actually a paternity test result! The test proved that her husband is the father of their daughter.

She asked him about it, and he said he did it a year ago because his family was always asking him about the light skin of the child. His family made him take the test because they thought his wife might be cheating on him, he said. Every time he went to see his family, the subject of his child’s fatherhood came up. She remembered how mad and worried he would be when he got home.

Most of the time, he said that his bad behavior was caused by issues at work or with his family. Someone on Reddit got mad and told him it was rude to her and their daughter so he wouldn’t even think about it. He said he hadn’t given it much thought and that the only reason he took the test was to make his family happy. He tried to defend himself by showing her old texts in which he had defended her and reassured his family that everything was okay.

My husband tried to act like he wasn’t guilty, but his wife was still mad because he hid the test. She knew that their false ideas about her and her daughter would cloud their memories of the times they spent with his family. He told her he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to bother her. Her husband realized he was wrong and said sorry, but being with his family no longer made her feel better. For the sake of her daughter, she was upset but also had a hard time letting go of the problem.

After what happened, the child’s mother asked her husband if he still trusted her. Because of the broken trust, the two were not as close, honest, or fun as they used to be. They had their first big fight, and she didn’t know what to do next. That girl’s story didn’t end happily, but this one will not leave you hanging.A woman’s twin brothers were found to be her husband’s children through a DNA test.

A 40-year-old woman on Reddit also told her DNA story. She told him that she fell in love with him when she was fifteen years old. After two years together, she got pregnant and chose to start a family with him. They got married when she was 18 and moved in with her parents. Soon after they got married, they moved next door to the empty house her grandparents had left her. They had more children together later on.

She went on a trip with her friends when she was 40. She was seven months along with her last child. After her trip, the woman got home early to sleep in her own bed. When she got there, she was shocked. Her mother was having sex with her husband when she went into her room. Her mom yelled at her and told her to leave “their bedroom,” which shocked her. The parent went away with a sheet over their head, so the Reddit user could talk to her husband.

His wife’s mother had raped him when he was 18 years old, and they were still living with her parents. He told her right away. The man said they slept together every month after that and made sure no one saw them. When she heard the truth, it broke her heart. It got worse when she learned that her twin brothers and younger brother might be her husband’s children! She told her dad everything over the phone. He was so mad that he told her mom right away what was going on.

She threw a party and told everyone about the affair between her husband and mother because she wanted her family to know the truth. Some people in her family, like her husband’s whole family, thought she was wrong for telling the truth, which shocked her. The friend and church leader of her mother also found out the truth, which is sad. They called to make sure it was true. The Reddit user’s mother had nothing to do with teaching the kids. Not only did her mother not own up to what she did, she blamed her. The sign said:

“She says that I’ve ruined her life and reputation.” She moved in with her 38-year-old daughter after her husband kicked her out. The hurt husband also wanted to get a DNA test for each of the three smaller boys. Everyone was shocked when the tests showed that the Redditor’s husband was the real father of the twin boys! When she heard the news, she broke up with him and threw him out. The picture and her dad held on to each other like they were strong.

It made her feel bad when her dad told her that they were going to sell the grandparents’ house. With the money from the sale, he was going to let her buy a new home. The sale wouldn’t bring their mother and husband anything. Her ex-husband had seven children of his own. She bought a piece of his business because she helped him get it started and ran the office while she was off from work.

Losing touch with family was the worst thing for her. Her younger children don’t know why she split up with her husband, but her 14-year-old daughter did and turned off all communication with her father. The man’s ex-husband finally admitted that he started seeing his mother-in-law after the picture made him mad. He turned to his mother-in-law to feel better, and that’s how they became close. The Redditor’s ex-spouse said he would have broken up with her but chose to stay with her instead.

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