When baby watches his grandfather play the saxophone, he makes the cutest face.

Braylon, who is only two years old, loves to watch his grandfather Joe Sims play the saxophone. Braylon seems to love everything more than anything else.He is playing a smooth and sweet song for his grandson in one video. Braylon is sitting across from his grandpa. Braylon’s face shows that he is much older than his years.

Braylon’s smile and serious look in his eyes are very cute. The video quickly became very popular, and everyone agreed that Braylon’s face showed a lot of love.Joe Sims has been playing since the fifth grade, and Braylon has liked him ever since he first heard him play. He now plays for Braylon whenever he can.

The cutest person in the crowd is Braylon, who is sitting on a chair that frames his face. He looks just like a tiny regular at a jazz club, thinking about how wonderful life is.As word spread about the video, people gave money to help Joe Sims get a new saxophone. He was so happy when the new instrument showed up; he couldn’t believe it.

As Joe Sims took the new instrument out of the box, he wiped tears from his face and put his hand over his mouth. He always plays “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” Braylon’s favorite song, on it.

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