While Sister Inherits Mansion, Brother Gets Run-down House and Finds a Hidden Floor There

Freddy and Hazel’s sibling relationship deteriorated after their parents’ will was read, showing an unequal split of their properties. However, after moving into the abandoned building, Freddy discovered a trap door leading to a hidden chamber that revealed why he was given that residence.Freddy clenched his fists next to his sister, Hazel, and her gloating fiancé, Mark, as he listened to the lawyer read their parents’ will.

Hazel interrupted, fidgeting in her seat, “Mr. Schneider, but why did I get the main house?” Mark intervened, the corners of his lips raising slightly: “Your parents met me. They know we intended to marry and have children. Freddy enjoys traveling and has never brought a girl home, thus the large house should go to a possible family.” “Really?” Freddy answered sarcastically, but only because Mark’s attitude usually annoyed him.

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Mark chuckled, “Your parents obviously agree.” They did it. “Not me.””Mark, that’s not fair,” Hazel added timidly. “It’s more than fair, babe,” her fiancé argued. Freddy and Mark stared at each other in a standoff. Mark broke the tense silence by making insinuations about Freddy’s lifestyle, which led to his parent’s choice. Hazel tried to defend her brother, but Mark talked over her, saying that they deserved the mansion above the abandoned house.

Freddy’s voice trembled as he challenged his sister about his parents’ outdated beliefs, particularly concerning his own life decisions. Hazel shook her head, despite the fact that their parents struggled to accept certain aspects of Freddy’s existence.”It was different for their generation. They had no idea if you would or could ever have children,” she replied, clenching her lips. Freddy chuckled mockingly.

“Hazel, it’s the 21st century. They might watch television and movies to learn how it works.” He went on to say that after his parents discovered his preferences, they began to treat him differently. “Stop it!” Hazel frowned. “I will not allow you to talk about them this way.” She ultimately told her brother to accept their parents’ choice, which made Mark smile wider.

Freddy hung his head, nodded to Mr. Schneider, accepted the will, and walked out of the lawyer’s office, his shoulder bowed.Freddy moved into the abandoned house the moment he got the keys. It was better than he had imagined. His father had purchased it at a reasonable price, but after marrying Doreen, they moved into the large mansion that Hazel inherited.It still ached that his folks didn’t think he deserved it. Hell, I’m not good enough to inherit a fair share of their estate.

But it wasn’t important anymore. It was his new residence, and he had to make use of it. On the first day, Freddy inspected all of the necessary repairs and decided to renovate the bathrooms and kitchen. But after doing some internet research on renovation costs, he moaned loudly. It would cost thousands of dollars to make the property livable again, and that simply included labor expenditures.”I could learn how to do it myself,” he said, grabbing for his laptop again. “How hard could it be?”

Spoiler alert: it was complicated. Freddy, a theater child turned world-traveling photographer, embraced this assignment as his most difficult. He sought to dispel misconceptions about his ability by chronicling the renovation process on social media.Two weeks later, Freddy finished the kitchen and moved on to the bathrooms. He stared at the primary one for a long time, sighing. Renovating was a lot of effort, and the bathroom appeared more complicated than altering a few cupboards and tiles. Perhaps he should put money into skilled remodelers.

“Hmmm, maybe I can do something else,” he thought as he walked through the home, muttering to himself. “The bedrooms definitely need new paint. And the floor. Wait, what is that?
Freddy had just entered a small room that appeared to be meant as a home office. But it was the first time he looked in and noticed a weird growth in a corner. “Oh, don’t tell me this floor is rotten or something.

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“How much will that cost?” he moaned, knowing that the remainder of his bequest would have to be spent on actual construction work.He bent a knee and touched the peculiar unevenness in the floorboards, and his hand passed through the floor. “Yuck! “It’s rotten,” Freddy commented, wiping his hands. But when he focused again, he noticed a peculiar hollowness that could not have existed.

“What?” Freddy mumbled loudly and grabbed his phone. Using his flashlight, he discovered stairs heading into darkness.His hand passed through the floor. “NOPE! NOPE! NOPE!” Freddy hurried to hide the hole with a blanket and barricaded the door. Days later, he contacted Mr. Schneider to inquire about the house’s floor plans. “How do I find the floor plans for this house?” he said, reluctant to investigate the hidden stairway.

Mr. Schneider suggested contacting the municipal office. “You know…My father’s old house had a bomb bunker that we were unaware of until his death. It was built right during World War I. The lawyer volunteered to look into further information and get back to him. Several days later, Freddy received the floor blueprints, which confirmed that the house did indeed have a basement hidden beneath a trapdoor.Freddy knew he didn’t have to explore down there, but his curiosity was stirred, wondering whether this hidden area was why his parents had left him the house.

So he took a slash hammer and demolished all the rotten sections that matched the size of the trap door. The remainder of the floor appeared normal enough. Oh, man. “I bet it’s flooded down there,” Freddy murmured as he began to descend. He got his phone flashlight out and could detect the strong odor of mildew and wetness in the air. “Great, this will be more money,” he muttered as he down the stairs. From what he could tell, it was just another room.

The desk in the center was cluttered with papers and an outdated typewriter. Freddy mumbled, “Spooky, but… interesting,” rolling his eyes at the thought of being the traditional female main character in a horror film.However, this was quite interesting. Did Dad know about this place? He pondered when he reached for one of the sheets on the desk, which had a brief poem, and spotted the name Milton at the bottom of the page.

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Among the papers, he discovered poetry signed by his father. Oh my god! Dad was a poet and writer. Freddy dug deeper, uncovering an exquisite box beneath the papers.Rushing upstairs, he quickly read through the poetry, marveling at their profundity and beauty. He opened the elegant box and saw more pages, instantly recognizing they were from a novel—a love story between two guys.

“Is that why they kept this place?” he mused, recalling his father’s final words to him before leaving home:”One day, you’ll understand.” The conclusion hit Freddy like a freight train: his father had concealed a large part of himself, possibly resenting his own constraints in comparison to Freddy’s freedom in the modern period.He called Hazel late at night, eager to report his discovery.”Hazel, I just discovered something, and I need to show you,” he stated excitedly. Come to my house tomorrow. Without him. This is enormous and should be kept private for the time being.”

Mark interrupted their conversation, but Freddy insisted on keeping it between the siblings. The next day, Freddy was surprised to see Hazel arrive alone. He showed her the hidden basement, the elegant box, the poetry, and the novel that he discovered. “It’s a love story between two men who go to war,” he said.Hazel was stunned, unable to reconcile this with their father’s known…biases. Freddy revealed his theory: their father had given him the house so he could find the tale, implying that their father may have struggled with his own identity.

She took in the information, pacing the room in bewilderment. “It’s crazy! “What about Mom?” Freddy encouraged her to read the novel. “I believe Dad was dealing with a lot, and he had to live a secret existence since times were different. I believe he projected all of his feelings, including his self-loathing, onto me because I was free to do whatever I pleased.She nodded swiftly, smiling slightly despite her perplexity.

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However, the front door flung open abruptly before she could grab the pages.Mark’s figure had also entered Freddy’s living room, and his voice was loud and irritating as he yelled, “What are you trying to hide from me?!” He suspected Freddy of concealing something valuable. “Or, he’s trying to convince you to dump me!” “Hazie, tell me you’re not falling for that bull,” Freddy muttered, rolling his eyes. “Even if you were dating a really decent guy, I would not have invited him today. “This secret is too valuable for anyone else.”

“He’s attempting to screw us again, just as he did with the house. “He’s getting you to hide something from me so I don’t act in your best interests,” Mark claimed, smirking confidently and pointing his finger.Hazel remained silent, and her thoughts appeared distant. “You know I’m right, babe,” Mark whispered to Hazel, his voice soft and inviting. “He has always despised me because you love me more than him. “He’s attempting to separate us.”

“Stop it, Mark!” “If Freddy found anything here, it would be his legally,” Hazel finally said, throwing her hands up. Mark tried to persuade Hazel, wrapping his arms around her, but she was done. “ENOUGH!” Hazel shouted and pushed Mark back. “God, I am so tired of you! You have always been obsessed with money! You never really loved me. We’re done, Mark! “I can’t believe I ignored all the red flags!”Freddy sighed, relieved.

“You’re breaking up with me over this?” Mark spluttered, his mouth wide open in disbelief. “Yes, Mark.” It is over. “I want my life back,” she said, crossing her arms. He begged Freddy. “Freddy, tell her she’s making a mistake.” “Freddy is not going to help you, Mark. “He’s been trying to open my eyes to your true colors for years,” Hazel remarked, approaching the door. “Get out of here and out of my house!”

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“It’s my house, too!” “We’re not married!””I’ll fight you on this!””I’ll get Mr. Schneider on the phone right now,” Freddy said, and he didn’t hesitate to call their lawyer to explain the situation. Mark, in desperation, yelled, “I want my ring back!” “That was my grandmother’s ring, Mark.” It is staying with me!” Hazel responded, forcing Mark out of the house. When he was gone, she looked to Freddy, tears and relief in her eyes. “I think I need to stay here for a while.”

“You’re welcome to stay as long as you need,” Freddy said, embracing her affectionately. After a minute, she drew back, a faint smile on her lips. “Can we order some Chinese food?” I am dying to read Dad’s novel.””Absolutely,” Freddy responded, feeling a weight lifted from his shoulders. Publishing their father’s novel proved to be easier than imagined. Freddy’s LGBTQ+ publishing buddies were eager to help. Hazel was extremely moved by the narrative and requested Freddy keep all royalties.

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Mr. Schneider dealt with Mark, making sure he would never disturb them again. Apparently, Mark had left town, but Freddy didn’t mind. His priority was to make his sister happy while also honoring their father’s legacy. Freddy eventually felt the desire to travel again. He rented off his residence and embarked on a new journey. When he returned, he was overjoyed to see Hazel was happily dating a kind, successful man who adored her.

The book was not a best-seller, but it earned rave reviews. As a result, Freddy decided to publish his father’s poems, along with a prologue revealing his father’s hidden life. It was a dedication to love, acceptance, and the value of living one’s truth.Tell us what you think of this story and share it with your friends. It might motivate them and improve their day.

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