Crinkle Cake

Yet another great new thing has come our way thanks to TikTok. I added this crinkled phyllo dough cake to my saved recipes as soon as I saw a video of it being made. It looked both delicious and easy. It’s more of a custard pie than a cake, and the base is made of folded phyllo dough.

Greek Crinkle Cake 2-min

It’s popular in Eastern Europe, and now TikTok is making it popular all over the world. You’ll know why once you try it!Even though this treat looks beautiful, it’s really very easy to make. Fold or crinkle the phyllo dough two sheets at a time to start. Don’t worry about making the folds even; we want them to look like an accordion. Do this again and again until the baking dish is full. Place the folded dough at one end of a lightly greased dish.

Greek Crinkle Cake 6-min

After baking the folded dough for 10 minutes, you’ll add melted butter on top and bake for another 10 minutes. Making the simple custard filling is easy. Just mix it up and pour it over the butter dough. Bake it for another 30 minutes.

The cake is ready to go when a simple sauce is poured over it.That’s right, this Crinkle Cake is good for both lunch and dessert. You can top it with nuts or chocolate chips, or in the summer, serve it with fresh fruit. This easy treat is sure to be a hit no matter how you serve it. We’re sure you’ll agree after you try the recipe today!

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