Mom posts footage of her baby child, but some viewers are furious after noticing a little detail.

Until a certain age, parents make decisions for their children. However, society and the individuals around you will not always agree that those decisions are correct. Nowadays, mothers and fathers are quick to post videos and images of their children, with some even running social media accounts for their children to keep followers up to speed on their bundles of joy’s lives.

Lara, who is now four months old, is already a major TikTok celebrity. Her mother publishes a lot of images and videos of Lara, which people enjoy. However, a recent photo designed to highlight how much Lara had grown since day one drew scathing criticism, and opinions are mixed. Lara’s mother shared a photo of the girl from the day she was born, and one item caught the eye of many. Despite being just 24 hours old, she had her little ears pierced, which outraged many and made them quite concerned.

Of course, some people supported Lara’s mother and stated that this is fairly typical in some cultures, while others felt that piercing a one-day-old baby’s ears was simply wrong and that the mother should have waited until the kid was mature enough to make that decision on her own.”I don’t get it. And it hurts just as much as when they were older! “Don’t kid yourself,” one user remarked.

“Is it up to them to decide whether or not to have their ears pierced?” “I’ll let my babies decide when they understand these things,” another said.After reading all of the comments, Lara’s mother decided to discuss her decision to get her daughter’s ears pierced “When you get your ear pierced at the age of two or three days, you don’t suffer as much agony as when you’re one or two years old. “The neonatologists make the holes themselves in the hospital at birth,” she stated.

You can watch the video that made quite a stir below.

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