A Poorly Dressed Woman Entered A Fancy Restaurant

A poorly dressed woman walked into a posh restaurant. All of the customers looked at her with scorn. The woman wore a torn old dress and appeared untidy. The hostess rushed up to her, not even attempting to conceal her displeasure. “Madam you have probably mistaken the place for somewhere else.” She only wanted to get rid of this unwanted guest as soon as possible. The woman asked her cautiously, “Is this your grandson’s restaurant?”

The people in the dining hall began to whisper and giggle. The hostess gave the woman a sorrowful look, you are correct. Here it is. What do you want, Madam?Immediately contact the administration! One of the furious visitors yelled, “I reserved a table here in advance so this beggar wouldn’t watch me eat!” The old lady bowed her head and murmured softly, “I will not take much of your time, dear.”

I just had one request, and the hostess hesitantly welcomed the elderly woman inside, eliciting broad disgust and averted shouts. I would have contacted security if I were you! Did you notice how she smelled? That is a nightmare! The visitors did not hide their emotions at all. The woman approached the exhibit with the desserts and stared at it for a while.
The waiters laughed, saying that if she wants to dine here for free, she will be disappointed! The woman seemed to ignore their criticism.

Tell me, Honey, is it feasible to buy just half of the lemon cake? How much will it cost? I have $17, she said, clutching some crumpled old notes in her hand. The waiters could barely contain their laughter. “Madam I don’t think you have enough money even for one slice of this cake!” Our chef created this work of art! Furthermore, we do not sell it in halves. The elderly lady grew pale; it appeared that something had collapsed inside her. She slowly hobbled back to the exit.

A man clad in military uniform, sitting next to his wife in the restaurant’s corner, suddenly called her name. “Madam, please come here!” You don’t seem happy! “Has anything happened?” He asked with a beautiful smile. “My daughter.” She was terribly ill. We used to pass past this restaurant as kids, and she would spend a long time looking at the shop windows. We planned to have the lemon cake here one day, but she got unwell.

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My husband departed, and I took various jobs to support us. We don’t have the money to continue her treatment, so this cake is all I can do for her right now. But I have only $17.”Tears streamed down her face.Without hesitation, the military guy contacted the waiter and instructed him to bag a full lemon cake for the woman at his expense. He stated that today marks 17 years since we lost our son Alex.

He died in an automobile accident. My wife and I could not do anything because she is a doctor. If 17 years and 17 dollars in your pocket aren’t a sign from above, what is? His wife handed the elderly mother her business card and promised to aid with her daughter’s treatment. When the waiter handed out the lemon cake, the lady smiled gratefully. She thanked the military couple and exited. There was dead silence in the restaurant since no one felt like giggling anymore.

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