The night before the wedding, the bride finds out that her fiancé is cheating on her, so she reads his texts at the altar instead of saying her vows.

You know that little rush of nerves you get when the preacher at a wedding says, “Speak now or forever hold your peace”? You’re not by yourself. A Quora thread showed that wedding breaks happen more often than we thought. But one story stands out: the bride herself causes trouble at her own wedding, making it look like something out of a play. Get to know Casey. A lot of text messages came to her phone out of the blue the night before her wedding.

These were not the normal congratulations messages; instead, they were screenshots from a number that was not known. “I wouldn’t marry him,” the stranger’s message was scary. Do you want to?” Talks between her soon-to-be-husband, whom she calls “Alex” to protect his privacy, and another woman were shown in the photos. The emails were sent between months and days before their wedding.

The woman in the selfies with Alex was nothing like Casey. Casey was blonde and fair, but this unknown woman had dark hair and an olive skin tone. The shocking news made Casey’s mind race as she tried to understand it. There was no denying the proof. They sent real texts and betrayed real people. While family and friends were already in town for the wedding, she was stuck. It was impossible to call off the wedding, but it was also impossible to marry Alex.

Casey made a brave choice after a restless night. She told her girls about her plans to go through with the wedding. But instead of making promises, she would tell everyone that Alex was lying. Her face didn’t show the usual happiness of a bride as she walked down the aisle. You could feel the stress in the room. As she got to the altar, she took a deep breath and said, “Today there will be no wedding.” “Alex is not the person I thought he was,”

People in the room gasped. Instead of making promises, Casey started reading out loud the text messages that said she was guilty. Alex’s face lost color with every word. Everyone could see how bad his deception was. He quickly left the church with his best man right behind him because he couldn’t take the shame any longer. His family could only look at him in shock. Casey didn’t just want to make Alex look bad, though. She turned to her friends with a heartfelt message after the shocking news.

For those who were there, she thanked them and asked them to a party—not for a wedding, but for being honest, true love, and having the guts to follow your heart even when it hurts. After that, there was a welcome like no other. At first, there were some awkward claps, but the attitude soon got better. Someone on Quora said that almost everyone danced the night away except Alex, his brother, and two friends. Casey said, “It was definitely not the wedding day I had planned, but to our credit, it was one hell of a party.”

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