A touching Video, I just cry. Happy kids welcoming their dad returning home.Their reactions is really wonderful..

Kids love their dads a lot because they are always nice, play, mess around, buy them gifts, and don’t scold like mom does. For that reason, kids miss their dads a lot when they’re not around for a while. What can dads do when they can’t be with their kids? It’s hard to picture. But sometimes, this kind of separation is unavoidable and can’t be avoided. Men in the military who were heroes in our movie had to leave their families because they had to serve.

Finally, the time has come for dads to hug their youngest and oldest children again.A lot of dads talk to their babies while they’re still pregnant, but it’s not the same as talking to their moms. The mother feels everything the baby feels, and the father sees the child through the mother, through her thoughts and accounts of how the baby feels. But time is very important.

Based on differences between male and female psychology, women tend to picture their future child or make up an image of the baby, while men have to work on being fatherly after the baby is born.That’s why guys often have doubts about how good a father they are. There are times when the mom needs to help the dad and get him involved in caring for and connecting with the baby.

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