Wife finds two plane tickets in her husband’s briefcase and catches him on vacation with an old lady.

Melinda found two plane tickets in her husband’s purse. One had his name on it, and the other had the name of a woman she didn’t know. This was the first time in their marriage that she became suspicious. But she had no idea what would happen when they got to their goal. “Sorry, sweetheart. As promised, this weekend is only for us. I’m sorry, but I have to leave again. It came as a complete surprise. David told Melinda, “When I got home Friday night, I couldn’t say no to my boss.” She sat in the kitchen and shrugged her shoulders in failure.

In their town of Westport, Washington, they were going to walk along the beach, which made her very happy because her husband moved a lot for work. She really missed him, but she had to accept it. She also had a job, but it was much more stable and didn’t require her to go on business trips.”Don’t worry, sweetheart. “Next time, I guess,” she said as she walked up to kiss him.

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David grabbed her arms and told her to be quiet while he talked. Melinda finally yelled, “TELL ME THE TRUTH RIGHT NOW!”David kissed her back and said, “I’m going to pack my bag and briefcase for tomorrow.” “You want me to do that for you?” “I can do it,” she said. You’ve worked hard already making our food. Also, it feels great. I’m going to pack and take a shower. After that, we can eat and talk. All right?” He said this and then went to their room.

She agreed, Melinda. Her food smelled great. She thought to herself, “At least we’ll have a nice dinner.” Even though she was upset, they couldn’t do anything about it. As soon as she heard the bathroom shower start, she went to check his bag because he always forgot things. She checked to see if his wallet was in there and then moved the other things in the bag around. Then she saw something.

Out of the side pocket, there was a plane ticket. She took it and put it on top of his other things to make sure it wouldn’t get lost. To her surprise, there were two tickets inside. David Sherburne was the name of one, and Annamarie Simmons was the name of the other. She stood still with the tickets in her hands. As she read more, she saw that the tickets were for Miami, America.

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What did David do for a living in Miami? What kind of woman was she? At least, that’s what he always told her: he went alone most of the time. Why did there seem to be two? What made him lie to her? But the worst thought that crossed her mind was: Was he seeing someone else? The shower in the bathroom stopped all of a sudden, and Melinda sat up. She went out of the bedroom and put the tickets back where she found them in the suitcase.

She put on a happy face when her husband came home for dinner, but she knew something was wrong. In this case, she had to do something. What, though? When Melinda got to Miami, she didn’t know exactly what she was going to do. David left early on Saturday morning, and she had been thinking about what to do all day. She knew it was wrong to spy on him, but she had to do it. Finally, she looked through his email and Google records and found that he had booked a room at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

It made her doubts even stronger. David might be lying; maybe he has been lying the whole time. It’s possible that his work trips have been a trick the whole time. While telling herself, “No, I can’t think like that,” she booked a flight to Miami, made a reservation at the same hotel, and hoped to find David there. She had to find out the truth for herself.

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The cab dropped her off at the hotel, where she quickly checked in. But she went to the pool area and walked along the beach, even though she didn’t know what room David had been given, so she could catch him in the act.She had been looking for a few hours and was beginning to lose hope. “Perhaps I should go back and wait for him there.” Thought to herself, “I should have asked him that night,” as she walked from the beach to the hotel. But all of a sudden, she saw David. A woman was holding his arm, just like she had thought.

But what happened was nothing like what Melinda had thought it would be. The woman had to be at least 80 years old. Was David seeing someone older while he was with her? That did not make sense. David’s mother died a long time ago, so this older woman might be a family member. No matter what, she had to know, so she sped up and caught up to them. David’s eyes almost jumped when he saw her. His face wrinkled.

Wow, David! What does this really mean? What kind of work trip do you have? What kind of woman is this?” She began to cry more and more as the questions kept coming out. As other people in the hotel looked at them, David grabbed her arms and told her to calm down and listen to him. Melinda finally yelled, “TELL ME THE TRUTH RIGHT NOW!” “This is Brandon’s mother!” He spoke quickly, before she could scream again.

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“Brandon’s mother?” Melinda asked, without any more panic in her voice. Gary had been David’s best friend since they were kids. Brandon’s loud attitude and the fact that he was always the third wheel in their relationship were things Melinda had never liked. She knew, though, how important he was to David. After many years, Brandon died in a terrible accident, and Melinda saw how sad David was.

“Yes, Melinda, this is Annamarie,” David told the older woman. “This is Melinda,” the older woman said. “Shake hands with Annamarie.” Annamarie smiled and said, “Nice to meet you, dear.” “Yes, ma’am. I’m so sorry for what I said earlier,” Melinda said, feeling ashamed.”Oh, don’t feel bad. It looks like David has either been lying or not telling the whole truth. Annamarie said, “I’m going back to the room so you two can talk.” After stroking David’s arm and shaking her head, she left.

As soon as they were alone, David told them everything. He promised to take care of his mother on his deathbed, and he did for years. Even so, Annamarie had been having health problems lately, and it seems like she had always wanted to visit Miami. David bought the tickets without thinking, but he didn’t think Melinda would get it. She was hurt by the lie, and her eyes showed it. “Why didn’t you trust me?”

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“You begged me for a weekend with just the two of us, but I bought the tickets without giving it much thought.” I was sorry. Because you never moan when you’re on a work trip, I told you that because I thought you’d be mad. Also, I know that you and Brandon didn’t get along very well…” David explained, but he shrugged because he knew his logic was weak.
“So? There was still a lot of love between them. You already know that! It would’ve made sense to me.

She added, “Hell, I could have come with you guys,” waving her hands all over the place. She was standing in front of a beautiful hotel on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. “I love this place so much. It would have been great to meet Annamarie in a better setting. I know what it means to you to have Brandon. “Why did you not tell me about her?” He went on, “I honestly don’t know,” his shoulders still falling.

“Okay, so we need to work on how we talk to each other.” Yes, we will. But I’m going to leave this alone for now. I don’t want to ruin this trip for you or Annamarie. Plus, she said, “If it’s okay with you, I’d like to stay.” She looked at her husband through her eyes. “Really then?” “You know that being here will be great for Annamarie. You always know what to say, and to be honest, I was having a little trouble with that part,” David answered with a smile.

“Many thanks! Thanks, sweetheart! I’m really sorry. I promise to work on how we talk to each other. I’m not going to lie to you again, not even by leaving something out. Melinda said, “Okay,” and then she took a deep breath. She took his arm and walked him to the hotel. “Let’s go find Annamarie.”They met the older woman at the hotel bar and then went out to see the sights. They had a great time and got back to Westport on Tuesday.When they got home, David finally asked Melinda how she knew about the trip.

She told him that she saw the tickets and checked his email, which made him sad. He was lucky that he didn’t freak out. David never broke his promise again after they went to therapy. Melinda often had Annamarie over to their house, and she cried a lot when the older woman died a few months later. She told David after the service, “I’m so glad you took her to Miami, no matter what happened before.” David did nothing but nod and give his wife a tight hug.

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