A woman found a dark stone on the ground. When she got close to it and saw what it was, she jumped back and ran away!

Some animals, like giraffes with their long necks or octopuses with their limbs, are hard to picture without certain physical traits. This is why the Nelson hedgehog is so rare: he was born without a needle for reasons that no one knows. He is the bald hedgehog. He’ll never be able to live in the wild, though, because he doesn’t have a natural way to defend himself.

The representative from the wildlife fund says, “Nelson is a huge mystery to us.” He has been strong for such a long time that it is amazing. Nelson seems to be in good health, but he really does live in paradise because he gets oil rubs all the time! The woman who works for him thinks that most likely no one will ever understand why he doesn’t even have a needle.

Even though he’s not as cute as the other hedgehogs you’ve seen, Nelson is without a doubt the most interesting hedgehog you will ever see.

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