Lots of people can’t get enough of the preschooler’s famous Italian rant.

Everyone likes to talk to other people, but how they talk to each other changes from person to person. Each society has its own unique way of showing how they feel. This is why people are so different from one another.People are not only different because they speak different languages, but also because they have unique ways of speaking. So, it’s easy to figure out where someone is from just by looking at their words and body language.

Adorable little girl

In Italy, for example, people talk with their hands a lot. One thing that makes them easy to spot, though, is the “finger purse.” To make this hand sign, press the tips of your fingers and thumb together to make a finger bag shape.When Italians are very excited about something or want to make their point clear, they often use their hands in a rhythmic way. It usually shows that someone is annoyed or confused, and older people, like Italian grandparents and great-grandmas, use it a lot.

But a preschooler and her mom just had a passionate, clearly Italian-language discussion. The cute little kid talked by moving his hands. Some people who spoke Italian translated the whole talk for people who spoke English. Someone had asked her daughter, “What does going out in a miniskirt make sense?” Think about yourself! You don’t have to bother me while I wear my miniskirt!”

Adorable little girl

The cute talk makes it clear how culture is passed down from one generation to the next. It’s not necessary to “finger purse” when you talk, but most Italians do it anyway. The cutest thing about the video was how cute the baby was making Italian hand signs.

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