An old cowboy enters a barbershop in Montana.

In Montana, an old man goes to a barbershop to get his hair cut and shaved. “Please take a good look at my face, you will see that,” he told the barber. “My cheeks are hollow.”
He responded, “Yes, I can see them from here. They’re pretty clear.” “No matter how hard I try, I can’t get a close shave,” the old man said. The bump in my hollow cheeks always made me feel like the shave wasn’t complete.

Barber told him, “Don’t worry, sir. I’ll shave you like never before.” The old man pulled up a chair. He washed his face, and then the barber gave him a small wooden ball and told him to chew it. Barber told him to move the ball toward his right cheek while he shaved the right side of his face. He kept shaving, and after a while, he said, “Now move the ball to your left cheek.” The whole thing kept going until the shaving was done.

Forrie Smith: A wrangler's path from Montana City to 'Yellowstone'

Barber ran his hand over the old man’s face and told him he could take the ball out of his mouth. The old man looked happy. To make sure he was happy with his shave, the old man ran his hand over his face. He gave the barber a big tip and gave the wooden ball back to him. As the old man was going, he asked casually, “What would you do if someone swallowed the ball by accident?” He smiled and said, “Sir, don’t worry. Things like that happen all the time, but they give the ball back the next day.” “The ball you used today was given back to me last night.”

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