Someone named Teu recently set a new record by having a son in the city of Melbourne.

A woman named Teu recently set a new record by giving birth to a son in the city of Melbourne.The proud mother gave birth to the world’s biggest baby. Doctors say that the woman’s son is the heaviest baby in the world.It weighed 6300 grams. At six months along, the woman thought she was going to have a “hero” because the baby was twice as big as usual. It turned out that the gynecologists were wrong when they thought the baby would weigh about five kilograms at birth. The child weighed 6 kg and 300 grams when they were born!

Victoria’s Biggest Baby Arrives in Melbourne’s West

At 39 weeks of pregnancy, the baby came into the world on its own. Maoama is the name of the boy who was born healthy. For a mother who just had a baby, he is already the fourth child in a row. It turned out that the “hero” had three older brothers: twins aged 9 and a younger brother aged 6.That being said, Teu says the boys were born at normal weights and there was no “hero” like Maoama among them. May 2016. He was healthy when he was born and weighed 6800 grams.At this point, this accomplishment is still the only one of its kind.

A baby’s size is affected by many things, but genetics is the most important one. A mother’s weight before she got pregnant, what she eats, and her health while she is pregnant can also affect the size of her baby. Teuaililo knew her son’s size was different, but the most important thing to her was that he got there safely and healthy.

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