She returned home to find her toddler screaming in anguish and two big swellings on the soles of her feet. She looked at the surveillance camera and was astonished to see what the babysitter was doing to the child in private.

When the child’s mother returned home from work, she discovered her infant nearly suffocating from sobbing and with enormous blisters on the soles of her feet. She didn’t understand what had occurred, so she checked the security cameras to see what had happened while she was gone from home and was horrified to see that the nanny, to whom she had committed the most valuable aspect of her life, had put the child’s life in risk.

Apparently, the nanny, a 36-year-old lady from Bladensburg, Maryland, was cooking tortillas, a Mexican specialty, in a pan with hot oil when the infant she was meant to care for started crying. Annoyed, the nanny took the infant in her arms and immersed her feet in hot oil, hoping it would make him stop talking.

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The woman promptly contacted the police and an ambulance. The young one has second-degree burns on his legs. Isn’t it incredible that such individuals exist?

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