An 82-year-old woman was caught shoplifting in a supermarket store

An 82-year-old woman was caught shoplifting at a supermarket. “Please don’t call the police, I don’t want my grandchildren to know” . What happened to her afterwards was unbelievable…The number of people who struggle to make ends meet is far greater than we can possibly conceive. Many people struggle to provide for their families, especially now that the world is experiencing a crisis due to a lack of electricity and inflation.

The prices of basic necessities rise, and the number of enterprises forced to close increases. Finding a job is not as simple as it once was. Life is difficult for many people, particularly those who are unable to work due to a variety of reasons. An 82-year-old grandmother was left to care for her grandkids. Unfortunately, due to her age, there was little she could do to get food.

Her limited funds were insufficient, therefore she was compelled to steal food from a local shop on Via Casilina in Ferentino, Frosinone, Italy, something she was ashamed of. When an employee noticed her putting canned food in her bag, they challenged her. The grandmother was scared and begged them not to contact the cops. “Please don’t call the cops; I don’t want my grandkids to know,” she kept saying.

She then broke down in tears as she expressed how difficult it was for her to provide food for her grandchildren. The store manager was extremely moved by her narrative. He not only did not notify the police, but he also let her to take anything she needed. He even instructed her to come by whenever she needed food.

“Come grab what you need anytime you want; a few euros don’t matter anything to me,” the man added. We’re delighted there are still people who are as thoughtful and compassionate as this market owner.

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