The father abandoned the child after witnessing his partner’s birthing.

Young couples may encounter difficulties in conceiving a child, whether owing to partner incompatibility or other health conditions. When conventional treatments fail, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is the last resort. However, not everyone can afford the costly operation, forcing some couples to go into debt in order to experience the joy of motherhood.

Even so, success is not assured, and the use of donor cells is not always effective.In this case, my pal, as usual, went to work. A call from the maternity ward alerted the entire crew. The expecting woman came to the department with her mother, mother-in-law, and legal husband. Her first child was born as a consequence of IVF following two miscarriages from normal pregnancies.They had a baby.

The youngster was healthy, with the exception of a limb deformity (feet turned inward) that might be corrected surgically. While the operation was pricey, they were able to acquire funding through IVF. When the father learned of the diagnosis, he exploded in anger in the middle of the intensive care unit. He refused to hold the infant and told the medics to remove that creature.

The laboring mother was in tears, and stress-induced bleeding occurred.The grandparents and father decided to forsake their daughter, leaving the mother devastated. She had been through so much pain only to have her healthy baby rejected. The father was enraged, and no one could calm him. He challenged the medical professionals, but refused to look at the infant.

A few days later, the working woman’s mother called to encourage them to rethink. The doctor questioned about the father’s condition, and the woman revealed that he had discreetly filed for divorce the next day.

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