I Don’t Regret Reporting My Ex-Husband to the Police

It is normal for someone to cut off all contact with an unfaithful ex. However, for one woman, years of no contact were broken when her ex-husband unexpectedly appeared at her door. His unexpected request caught her off guard, resulting in an unpleasant and uncomfortable situation.I was married to my ex, Dan, for six years before we split in 2020 due to his infidelity with Kate.

Dan and Kate have a three-year-old son, born when he was still married to me. Dan moved out after the divorce, and we have not spoken since. Last week, he dropped his son off to my place without notice, emphasizing Kate’s complications with their second child’s birth. He departed before I could object, and despite my attempts to reach him, he has yet to react.

I was disoriented and confused, especially since I had plans that did not include taking care of someone else’s child. So I called the cops and explained the situation: my ex had dropped his son off at my house and was not responding. The police took the child. Later, my ex called me in the early hours, furious because he missed the birth of his second child because the cops pulled him out of the delivery room. Kate is in intensive care for difficulties.

He claimed that his and Kate’s parents could not care for his son owing to distance and health difficulties. I told him he should have thought about it instead of leaving the child with his mistress at my house, especially given our damaged relationship. Some friends and family support me, while others agree with my ex, claiming I should not have called the cops and should have looked after the child.

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