Brad Pitt’s former roommate revealed the actor’s “disgusting” habit.

Jason Priestley, the actor known for Beverly Hills, 90210, and former roommate of Hollywood star Brad Pitt, recently revealed some surprising insights regarding their shared living situation. The actor discussed Pitt’s pre-fame hygiene practices and their “disgusting” nature.Brad Pitt lived with a roommate in the early 1990s, long before he became a household celebrity.

Jason Priestley, best known for his role as Brandon Walsh on Beverly Hills, 90210, shared an apartment with Pitt and another roommate. This basic apartment was located in a less-than-glamorous area of Los Angeles. The three men shared a small, two-bedroom apartment. Priestley revealed his previous living circumstances on a recent episode of Live! With Kelly and Mark. He told several entertaining stories with humor.

While Brad Pitt was not the worst roommate, he may not have been the finest either. Priestley shared an interesting detail about the A-lister’s hygiene routine. According to Priestley, the roommates used to play a peculiar game. They’d hold a contest to determine who could go the longest without showering. Pitt, it turns out, was the undisputed winner of the cleanliness competition.

He could go a long period without showering. When Priestley recalls the “disgusting” game they played, he wonders what was going through their minds at the time. He also remarked that Pitt has probably quit doing it now. Brad Pitt has yet to remark on Priestley’s revelation. Priestley published a memoir in which he revealed information about his life before becoming famous. He discussed the financial difficulties Pitt and he encountered in those early days.

They survived on a limited diet of ramen noodles and inexpensive thrills. The two faced the trials of being broke and aspiring artists together. Despite the passage of time and their eventual separate paths in the entertainment industry, Priestley still remembers the friendship they shared. As both actors achieved success in their own careers, they inevitably drifted apart.

Pitt’s breakthrough role in Thelma and Louise, and Priestley’s tenure on Beverly Hills, 90210. However, Priestley cherishes the amusing stories from their shared history. It provides insight into the unusual friendship they had as struggling artists in Hollywood. Pitt maintains friendships with some of the industry’s biggest personalities. George Clooney and Pitt, for example, enjoy pranking one other. You may read about their amusing relationship here.

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