Meet the 107-year-old hairstylist who has been in the business for 97 years

We’re used to our grandparents retiring after sixty years and taking a well-deserved rest. However, some people retain their power and energy well into old life. For example, a hairstylist in New York is 107 years old. He’s been a hairdresser since the age of ten. This is an actual record. The man was documented more than once in the book of records because he repeatedly broke his record.

Despite his elderly age, the man remains active and has no plans to retire. He has 97 years of professional experience. It’s great to dedicate so many years to one job. He owns his barbershop and serves a large number of customers. The senior hairdresser cuts hair fast and is familiar with the latest stylish haircuts. folks of various ages approach him, including middle-aged and young folks.

Journalists and interested tourists are also regulars at the salon. When asked what the secret of his longevity is, the man simply shrugs. If he knew what the secret was, he would tell his family and friends. Unfortunately, his wife did not live to a ripe old age. During a chat, the elderly hairdresser frequently recalls his wife and expresses his strong desire to see her. The elderly hairdresser’s most faithful client is his 80-year-old son.

This is an incredible story about a man who has lived for three centuries. No wonder he is frequently interviewed. Everyone is interested in his thoughts on a variety of problems. After all, someone with such life experience can always offer sound counsel and share an entertaining story from the past. Despite his age, the man rarely gets sick.

World's oldest barber is 107 and still cutting hair full time | New York  Times News Service

He walks to and from work and is always on his feet while working. Even the young will be envious of his health and vitality. We wish the grandfather good health and many more years of working experience.

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