7 Signs That A Man Wants A Serious Relationship With You

1. He truly opens up to you and trusts you. He will reveal you many profound secrets about himself, but not all of them. He will reveal private secrets about his life that only those who are really close to him know. Then you may be confident that you mean something to him and that he is inviting you into his universe.

2. He makes plans with you in the photo. He always talks about his future with you. If a man sees you in his future and is talking about and acting on it, he is looking for a committed relationship. 3. He always fulfills his promises. He constantly does his best to keep his promises to you. If he fails to deliver what he is meant to do, you will witness him apologizing as expected. He strives to never disappoint you.

4. He stays honest with you. He is open about practically everything he does. This indicates that he wants something serious with you. 5. He makes an attempt. Regardless of how busy he is, he still finds time to talk to you, spend time with you, and so on. To him, you are a priority. Consistency over time allows him to identify between a man who is only “interested” and one who is truly serious about you.

6. He advances the relationship. He will progressively expand his time with you and seek opportunities to get more involved in your life. Instead of having date evenings once a week, he will want to see you more frequently, for longer lengths of time, and in a variety of locations. You’ll soon transition from dating to courtship.

7. He makes you part of his life. Maybe he phones you every day on his way home or invites you to join him for his weekly workout in the park. Or he begins exposing you to the significant people in his life, such as his best friends or coworkers. The baby is on his way to a family life. Because the difference between casual dating and a committed relationship is that you live your lives together.

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