I found my wife’s secret diary, and there were notes about a “baby” I didn’t know existed.

I discovered my wife’s secret old diary while rummaging through her childhood home’s attic one day. It was hidden beneath a pile of old junk, looking aged as if it hadn’t seen daylight in years. I opened it expecting to discover some dramatic teenage thing. Boy, was I mistaken! It was buried beneath a pile of lost memories, but its aged cover caught my eye in the dusty disarray.”Dear Diary,” one note read, “today, I had some strange feelings in my gut.”

There seems to be something going on in there, but I can’t exactly pinpoint what it is.” My eyes widened as I continued reading. Sarah had been pregnant! How did she keep something so big from me? Each page revealed more of Sarah’s secrets, including her fears, hopes, and challenges. And suddenly, BAM! I hit the motherlode with a name I’d never heard before: Emily.

Sarah described her as the light of her life, but she never mentioned her to me. Emily turned out to be our daughter, a shocking revelation Sarah had kept hidden all along. As I slammed the diary close, I felt a mixture of shock, rage, and perplexity.I stormed downstairs and put the diary into Sarah’s hands, my voice shaking with emotion. “What’s up with this, Sarah?” I demanded, my heart racing in my chest. “Who is Emily?” Why didn’t you inform me about her?

Sarah’s eyes welled up with tears as she glanced down at the diary, her silence conveying more than any words could. For a few while, the room was filled with anxiety, broken only by the sound of our trembling breaths. “I never intended to conceal this from you, darling. I was afraid and confused, and I believed I was doing what was best for everyone.”

Her comments struck me like a ton of bricks. In that moment, I realized how little I knew about the lady I loved. She was more than just my wife; she had her own anxieties and secrets. “Sarah, what do you mean?” Who is Emily?” I inquired, my voice lower now, full of concern and perplexity. “And where is she now?”Sarah’s eyes welled up with tears as she glanced up at me, her expression full with grief and regret.”

Emily is our daughter, Jack,” she muttered. “I put her up for adoption when I was younger. I believed that was the greatest thing to do at the moment.” I felt as if the floor had fallen out from under me. “Our daughter?” I repeated, my mind attempting to comprehend the revelation. “Why didn’t you tell me about her?”

Sarah drew a hesitant breath, her hands trembling as she tried to find the words. “I was scared, Jack,” she confessed, her voice husky with passion. “I’m afraid of losing you, afraid of what you’ll think of me. I figured if I buried it deep enough, it would just go away. However, it never did. And now here we are.

Heartache rushed through me like a tidal wave, threatening to swallow me in its wake. Our marriage had been based on lies, and I wasn’t sure whether we’d ever be able to heal. As the reality enveloped us like a smothering blanket, I felt an anger unlike anything I’d ever felt before. “Why, Sarah?” “Why are you doing this to us?” I demanded, my voice booming in the empty room.

“Why would you keep such a monumental secret from me?” But even as the questions poured out of my mouth, I knew there were no solutions that could ever take away the anguish of Sarah’s treachery. And, as we stood there in the solitude of our shattered reality, I realized that our marriage would never be the same.

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