“Nobody noticed”: 9-year-old lived alone for 2 years, fed himself, and kept good grades

The recent story about a brave 9-year-old child who was left alone in a house by his mother has shocked the world. While many people are outraged that the boy’s mother appeared to be so careless about her own child, one detail offers a hopeful note to this heartbreaking narrative. The maturity of a 9-year-old who can care for himself and excel in school is quite admirable. From the age of nine to eleven, a young French child survived entirely on his own, and no adult noticed his dire circumstances.

According to the major news sites, “nobody noticed anything,” even the staff at the boy’s school, where the brave child was renowned as a very good student. The abandoned child’s neighbors were unaware that he had been home alone for an extended amount of time. They were certain that the boy’s mother was present, despite the fact that they occasionally brought him food.

In an interview, a next-door neighbor stated, “For me, it was normal; his mother was waiting for him at home.” “I had no idea he was alone at home.” According to the reports, the lonesome boy ate largely cake and cold canned food. The tenacious toddler would also allegedly steal vegetables from the neighbor’s balcony. The boy would also spend a significant amount of time without heat or electricity, sleeping under three duvets.

Sometimes he would even bathe himself with cold water.The boy’s mother lived a few kilometers away with her boyfriend and paid occasional visits to her child. She used her food stamps, which she received from their local social welfare agency, to buy cakes and biscuits for her son at the grocery store. However, the 39-year-old woman never stayed overnight.

The boy’s father was away from home because he had separated from his mother when he was young. Even the phone data revealed that the mother rarely visited the flat and did not accompany her kid to and from school, which was several kilometers distant. After the boy was removed into social services and placed in a foster home, his mother was granted visiting privileges, but she has only seen him twice. Her kid, however, is no longer interested in seeing his mother.

Despite his living conditions, the youngster continued to attend school and achieved outstanding scores, according to the news. The boy’s classmates didn’t suspect anything either, believing he was just a lonely child. One of them stated, “He told friends that he ate alone and took the bus alone.” He did not go out; he stayed at home.” After some time, concerned neighbors called the police, and officials intervened.

“I met his mom in May 2022,” Mayor Barbara Couturier said in an interview. “She came to tell us she had financial problems, and we gave her four food vouchers, but she took some processed food products instead, which raised my suspicions.” Some people informed me that a child was living alone, so I connected the dots and contacted both the local and national police. The youngster is now progressing “favorably” and is recognized for his “maturity and resilience.”

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