The Most Unattractive 7 Qualities In A Partner

When I started out to find out what individuals think are the most undesirable attributes in a relationship, I made it clear that this was not about physical appearances, as there is no need for that kind of negativity here, or anywhere for that matter. Furthermore, they are not what comes to mind when we think of moments when someone we were interested in no longer appealed to us.

woman with hair over her face

This article was written to inform individuals, not to berate them, and to list the attributes that men and women find most unattractive in order to better understand the traits that we may possess that significant others or potential significant others dislike. Who knows, these characteristics could be preventing you from enjoying genuine love or a relationship.

After sending out a request for comments, I was astonished to discover that many more women than males wanted to offer their thoughts on the subject. These women genuinely wanted to express characteristics that they dislike!

After reviewing all of the replies I received, ranging from lack of compassion to narcissism, I realized that the unappealing attributes people expressed could apply to anyone, regardless of gender. The following were the most unappealing personality traits: 1. Lack of Compassion. 2. Too much drama!

3. Shallow Interests, 4. A preference for gaming 5. pessimism 6. narcissism, and 7 elitism.

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