Cheesy Onion Crisps

I’m constantly looking for easy snack ideas, and these Cheesy Onion Crisps immediately piqued my interest. They’re created with only a few ingredients and bake in less than 15 minutes–can’t beat that. Perfect for a quick savory snack that may be customized to your preference. We dipped ours in marinara sauce, and it was fantastic!

The technique for making such a delicious dessert is relatively simple. You’ll slice the onions into tiny rounds and arrange them on top of mounds of shredded cheese. We used cheddar, but other hard cheeses would also work well.

Sprinkle the top with ranch dressing or another flavor, such as Cajun or Italian. Place them in the oven for approximately 12 minutes, or until crispy. You’ll want to keep a tight check on them near the finish because they can burn in an instant.

Allow the crisps to cool for a few minutes before removing them from the sheet, making them simpler to handle. Then it’s time to dig in! Marinara sauce is a terrific dip, but you can be creative with it. I hope you love these Cheesy Onion Crisps as much as we do!

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