These Things A Man Does When You Really Hurt Him

1. He doesn’t notice you. This is one of the most obvious signs that you’ve really upset him. To avoid meeting you, he will make up the most ridiculous excuses. This conduct is rather prevalent since we tend to avoid encountering those who have injured us 2. He does not welcome or smile at you. If he used to be sociable but no longer wants to exchange smiles with you, it’s possible that your actions or words contributed to the change.

If you feel he is not returning your feelings, call him and smile at him to grab his attention. If he does not respond, you can be assured he did not react 3. He avoids speaking with you. You are one of the most important people in his life, and yet you have hurt him. He does not want to speak with you, as is obvious Try starting a discussion with your companion. Understand that he is deeply hurt if he appears uninterested in talking to you or gives you reasons not to talk to him.

4. He ignores you whenever you approach him. It shows that he is upset by your presence and finds it difficult to interact with you. He will speak with others before you and avoid you. This behavior could potentially be interpreted as his unconscious way of communicating to you how deeply he was hurt by your actions. He is hurt by your presence and is overcompensating by appearing disinterested.

5. He ignores your phone and email. If he ignores your calls or texts even after business hours, it may indicate that you have really harmed him.If he ignores your calls and messages for a week, it means he no longer wants to speak with you 6. He removes your social media posts. Social media blocking is a strategy for informing someone that you are no longer interested in their life. If your partner unfriends, unfollows or blocks you on any social media platform, you should proceed with care.

It shows that you have hurt him enough for him to completely cut you out of his life if he does not want you on his social media (and does not want to check yours) 7. He starts consuming too much food or liquid.  When someone is emotionally hurt, they often turn to food and alcohol for comfort. They begin utilizing eating as a coping method to alleviate their discomfort. If your boyfriend has started bingeing, he most likely has a psychological need to dull his emotions with food, particularly junk food.

A partner who drinks excessively is another indication that they are hurt. If he had not previously consumed more than a few beers, this is a clear indication that you have hurt him severely 8. He grows enraged when you speak to him. He becomes irritated whenever you try to communicate with him civilly. Even a casual conversation with him prompts him to erupt.

This shows how much you damaged him. He is in excruciating discomfort and cannot just accept contact without losing his cool. It’s probable that he’s always furious with you. If you got into a fight, he might be bothered by your presence 9. He does not aid you. He is unwilling to help you. In such cases, he may not want to hear about your problem. He will not converse or interact with you, even briefly. A nice person will help you, and if they cannot, they will refer you to someone who can. However, a hurt spouse is unlikely to carry out any of these.

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