Mom salvaged her son’s birthday with autism when friends did not come to him.

For his eleventh birthday, all Harry wanted to do was go bowling with his pals. But he couldn’t invite them since his friends’ mothers prevented them from playing with an autistic youngster. The birthday boy was nearly left alone, but his mother produced a true miracle. Harry, ten, only had two friends because making new friends can be difficult for youngsters with autism spectrum condition.

He was about to turn eleven, and he and his mother decided to plan a mini holiday: bowling with ice cream—and invite friends. Hannah was already preparing to sign invites for a children’s party. “Just tell me the names of those you would like to call,” she went on to say. Harry suggested two names, but then told Mom that they couldn’t invite these guys.

The youngster appeared bewildered and devastated. He told his mother that the parents of pals banned them from playing together because “they don’t like Harry.” Hannah nearly fell into tears, but she collected herself and began looking for a way to rescue the holiday. “It surprises me how many people don’t comprehend the core of Harry’s issues.

After all, it’s not about children with special needs; it’s about “regular” parents who don’t grasp what their children are saying, and then the children repeat these unacceptable behaviors.”She wrote on her Facebook page about her son, who has autism, and urged people to send him birthday messages to cheer him up. A few days later, her mailbox was overflowing with colorful envelopes, which continued to arrive. People from all around the world wrote him postcards with warm messages.

“Harry, you are fantastic! Strong, courageous, loving, and caring. Don’t attempt to fit in; instead, be yourself—an exceptional person. Don’t trust anyone who says or thinks you aren’t good enough!” Harry received hundreds of letters containing wonderful thoughts from all across the world. He read and reread them repeatedly. Hannah’s tweet went viral, and neighbors began writing to her, asking if they might attend to a bowling party.

She replied yes, but she hadn’t expected not only adults but also youngsters to attend. There were three dozen kids in town who indicated they would gladly attend Harry’s party. There were enough of them to take up five lanes at the local bowling facility!

“It was the best birthday I’ve ever had,” Harry explained. Hannah is overjoyed that her son’s birthday was finally a success, and she hopes that Harry’s tale will serve as an example. And fewer and fewer little boys and girls will be alone on their birthdays, and fewer and fewer grownups will say nasty and thoughtless things. A similar scenario occurred with 15-year-old Daniel; it is encouraging that there is still generosity in the world.

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