Everyone agrees: Keanu Reeves’s shocking new haircut is a hit.

A lot of people know 59-year-old Keanu Reeves for his playing, his hair, his random acts of kindness, and the fact that he never causes a fuss. A lot of people were talking about the Hollywood star, though, when he showed up at the WME 2024 Oscar Party. A lot of people asked, “Why does Keanu look 35?” after seeing his new look.

Reeves attended this year’s WME Oscar Party, which took place two days before the show. Robert Downey Jr., Chrissy Teigen, Justin Timberlake, and many other famous people also showed up. People at the party took a lot of pictures, but many of them were only interested in one.Rob Lowe’s wife, Sheryl Berkoff, posted a picture of the couple with their son Johnny Lowe, Reeves, and his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant.

“I love his haircut!! “You can see more of his good looks now,” a friend wrote on Berkoff’s Instagram. “He would look good even bald!” said someone else.”It took years off of him. “But he looks great with either long or short hair!” said another person.

Reeves’ new hairstyle is very different from his usual rough look. It’s not clear if he’ll keep it up or if it’s just for his next movie part. We can’t get enough of it either way!

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