BREAKING: Following 84 days of stunning rumors and secrets, Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, has been seen for the first time, and she looks.

After 84 days of rumors and speculation, Kate Middleton has finally been seen out and about for the first time since her January surgery. The speculation appeared to reach a fever pitch last week following the controversy around the image of Kate released for UK Mother’s Day. The picture was withdrawn by the world’s main photo agencies due to worries that it had been edited; the Princess of Wales eventually admitted to self-editing it.

As a result, numerous fresh questions about Kate Middleton’s health arose. Remember, she hadn’t been seen since Christmas, and little was mentioned about her health after the “planned abdominal procedure” she had at the London Clinic in late January. Kensington Palace initially claimed that Kate would resume her royal duties after Easter, but no more details have been provided as to what procedure was required.

As a result, the public’s imaginations have been allowed to run wild, and conspiracy theories ranging from the semi-realistic to the completely ridiculous have proliferated on the internet Perhaps the first sighting of Kate Middleton in 84 days will go some way toward putting the most ridiculous rumors to rest once and for all. According to sources, the 42-year-old was sighted during the weekend visiting her favorite farm shop, a trip that took her just one mile from Adelaide Cottage in Windsor.

According to The Sun, onlookers said Kate appeared “happy, relaxed, and healthy” as she explored the shop’s items, with one person saying they were “shocked” to see her there. An eyewitness stated, “After all the rumors that had been floating around, I was astonished to find them there. Kate was out shopping with William, and she looked cheerful and healthy. The kids were not with them, but it was a good sign that she was healthy enough to go shopping.”

As previously said, sightings of Kate have not been ‘a thing’ for some months, and the Royal Family has remained characteristically tight-lipped about the cause of her health issues.Normally, that’s par for the course for The Firm, and the public is used to being kept on the other side of the mysterious curtain that the Royal Family likes to pull down whenever there’s something they want to keep hidden.

However, in this case, concealment has probably done more harm than good, with royal admirers around the world believing that not everything is as it appears regarding Kate’s condition. In any event, it’s great to hear that the Princess is feeling well enough to leave her house after a stressful period of uncertainty.

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