Woman posts a snapshot of chicken breast that was’spaghettified’.

Alesia Cooper, a mother from Irving, Texas, posted a photo of some chicken breasts she purchased because as soon as she began making dinner, the chicken shred into strands that resembled spaghetti, and she hoped someone could tell her what was wrong. “I was debating posting this, but since I needed to see it, so do yall,” she wrote alongside the photo she posted online on March 21.”

I was cooking my kids dinner a couple of weeks ago and was cleaning my meat like I normally do and when I went back to start cooking it turned into this (SIC).” Cooper explained.Cooper purchased the beef from Aldi, but is unsure if it is genuine.”I haven’t made chicken off the bone since.” As expected, individuals reacted on the photo, expressing their fears and theories.

“That’s lab grown chicken, it’s a new way they make chicken because of the last few years with the bird flu and resource shortages they didn’t have produce so last year they announced that they found a way to make chicken in a lab and that’s what’s in stores now,” a member of the public wrote. “Fake, I don’t buy it anymore,” another wrote.

“This isn’t lab-grown or 3D printed beef. It comes from live chickens. “The problem is when greedy chicken producers force-feed their chickens growth hormones, causing them to grow far too quickly,” someone else commented.According to Wall Street, when breeders give chickens drugs to make them grow larger, the chicken breast looks like this or resembles spaghetti.

“There is proof that these abnormalities are associated with fast-growing birds,” stated Dr. Massimiliano Petracci, an agriculture and food science professor at the University of Bologna in Italy.

Chickens used to take 112 days to reach 2.5 pounds market weight, but in recent years, they have reached 5.03 pounds on average in 47 days.We must truly consider what we eat for the benefit of our own and our children’s health.

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