5-year-old sees mom ‘dead’ and runs to neighbor for help, holding baby sister in his arms.

Jessica Penoyer was surprised to see her five-year-old neighbor when she answered the door. He appeared to be carrying a doll in his arms, but Jessica realized it was actually his newborn sister. The youngster, Salvatore Cicalese, stated that his mother had died in the shower. He then said that he grabbed a stool and took it to the garage door so that he could climb up and flip the switch.

He claimed that he had fallen off it once before succeeding on his second attempt.Hearing all of this, disturbed Jessica raced to the phone and dialed 911. Soon after, emergency personnel were able to enter Salvatore’s house. They went immediately to the bathroom, where they discovered the boy’s mother unconscious in the tub. If not for Salvatore, his mother would have drowned.

His rapid thought helped save her life.Kaitlyn Cicalese, the mother, felt better after receiving medical attention.She explained that she had a seizure and quickly lost consciousness. She further stated that after the incident, Salvatore hasn’t stopped asking her if she is okay. He worries if she would have another seizure and if she is confident that she will not die anytime near. Kaitlyn assures him that nothing like that will happen, but if she does have a seizure, she knows her son will know what to do.

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