Romance with an elderly director did not end well for her! Monica Bellucci made a rare appearance at an event, and you can see her visibly aged face.

Monica Bellucci will shortly celebrate her 60th birthday. Those who admired her in the 1990s refuse to accept that their favorite idol is becoming older. But even now, she can outperform any supermodel, which is incredible.

She maintains her well-deserved distinction of “the epitome of beauty and femininity” even today. Nobody can remain oblivious to her extraordinary beauty and unique appeal without really admiring her.

Her most recent appearance in Rome in a stunning all-black gown sparked outrage. Those who adored Bellucci as a child struggled to recognize her, but her devoted supporters took advantage of the opportunity to lavish her with accolades.Her new romance with the director seemed to have benefited her, as she has become more attractive and confident. It’s incredible how she improves year each year.

Monica Bellucci and film producer Tim Burton dating for four months | Daily Mail Online


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