Peter Noone has become 76 , so take a time before seeing how he looks now.

During the 1960s, Peter Noone, formerly the lead vocalist for Herman’s Hermits, captured global adoration as the ultimate heartthrob. Renowned for his striking looks and melodious voice, millions worldwide swooned over him. Remarkably, even at 75 years old, he continues to captivate audiences with his performances. Noone rose to fame swiftly upon joining Herman’s Hermits, achieving immense popularity with hits like “I’m Into Something Good,” outselling even the Beatles in 1965.

What set him apart was his onstage shyness, endearing him further to fans amidst the tumultuous rock ‘n’ roll era. Despite indulging in the typical rockstar lifestyle of partying, he steered clear of drugs, ensuring his commitment to his craft. Noone reminisces fondly about those exhilarating years, cherishing the memories of fun and excitement.

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Presently, Noone remains active in the music scene, touring as part of Britain’s Solid Silver 60s Show, alongside peers like Brian Poole and Brian Hyland. Although his fellow Hermits won’t join him, Noone relishes the opportunity to connect with fans, whose continued love for his music warms his heart. Having resided in California since the 1970s, he embraces the healthy lifestyle synonymous with the state,

Herman's Hermits Peter Noone into something good

grateful to have navigated the turbulent 1960s unscathed. While he once enjoyed a drink, he recognized the importance of moderation early on, abstaining from alcohol for sixteen years. Happily married to Mireille for 43 years, their love story began at age 20, blossoming despite initial obstacles.

Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits Interview - The 2012 BMI Pop Awards

Reflecting on his journey, Noone found new avenues to showcase his talents, from Broadway performances to hosting TV music shows. He even lent his expertise to talent competitions like “American Idol.” Grateful for his enduring career, Noone acknowledges his evolution from the shy youth of yesteryears to the confident performer he is today. Undeniably, Peter Noone’s timeless charm and talent affirm that true star power transcends age.

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