If you’ve noticed a blue line painted on the street, here’s

Attention to road signs is critical, as any driver will tell you. Disregarding these signals is extremely dangerous and could end in death.A new road marking, consisting of a thin blue line placed between the two yellow center lines on the road, may become visible to drivers in certain portions of the United States in the coming weeks.

It turns out that police heroes’ names are being painted on roadways throughout Maryland in the shape of this blue line. Because the queue ends at the police station, this serves as an extra precaution. The fact that it expresses gratitude for the daily sacrifices made by police officers is admirable.Mayor Rick Sheehan is thrilled that these blue lines have been added to Ocean City, Maryland’s roadways.

He is aware that his beautiful beach village relies on these police officers. These officers keep the old retirees who live there in check, as well as the wild adolescents that come to party.

This line now extends directly to the Ocean City Police Department offices on 65th Street in Ocean City, between the existing yellow traffic divider lines. It would be wonderful if more communities throughout the country saw this and decided to paint blue lines as well. These days, police officers are all too often neglected and underappreciated; this is an excellent time to show our appreciation and support.

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