A senior couple finds financial security in their dream location by living in a tiny home despite rising rents.

Many people aspire to acquire a property in their dream town. Making this goal a reality required Kathi and Jim to downsize to a tiny house on wheels, which they helped build. Their decision to live in Durango, Colorado, despite the expensive property market, demonstrates their desire to put pleasure and mountain living over financial belongings.Kathi and Jim learned that living simply keeps them energetic and youthful, and provides them enormous delight without breaking the wallet.

Kathi and Jim enjoying some drinks.

However, their path to financial security took an unexpected turn for the better when they discovered a mobile home park run by its residents. “A few years ago, Colorado passed legislation allowing residents to acquire mobile home parks. That was essential because we were bought out twice during our time here. And each time, the rent increased. “And they did nothing for our infrastructure,” Kathi stated.

Front view of Kathi and Jim's tiny home.

“The owners were clearly motivated by profit. They weren’t doing much to maintain this park, and it was beginning to show its age. “It’s about 50 years old,” she explained. Residents in their mobile home park faced escalating rents and inattentive ownership, so they turned to the cooperative model for a solution. With the help of organizations like Thistle, they became the first Colorado mobile home park to be acquired by a co-op.

Jim enjoying his coffee in his outdoor man cave.

The co-op secured control of the park thanks to external funding, ensuring that inhabitants maintained control over their living environment.This transition increased openness and accountability by allowing residents to approve budgets and elect board members. With rent payments routed to the co-op, there is potential for future rent control legislation.

Kathi's kitchen showing her stove, counter, mug collections, some appliances, and sink.

Owning a home park in the co-op provides affordability and a feeling of community. In a community dominated by luxury developments, Kathi, Jim, and their neighbors have created an environment where they may thrive without breaking the bank.They no longer worry about profit-driven rent increases. Instead, they like the security and sense of community that their new living arrangements provide.

Kathi and Jim's bedroom.

Kathi and Jim’s 28-foot small house, beautifully built by Rocky Mountain small Houses, started as a simple RV pad and evolved into a personalized haven. Watch the video below to learn more about Kathi and Jim’s adventure and to tour their tiny home.

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