This is unreal! Hearing the small girl’s wonderful voice, the jury members knelt before her!

The jury members were startled when they heard the small girl’s remarkable voice and saw her extraordinary skill when she appeared on the stage of The Voice project, performing an original song by Alicia Keys. Chelsea, a seven-year-old girl, was captivated by her extraordinary performance. Immediately after Chelsea’s captivating rendition appeared on the screen, two of the judges were compelled to press the red button, eager to have Chelsea on their team, and the sheer brilliance of her performance could not be denied, prompting all three judges to do the same.

The third member of the jury, who was initially hesitant, was quickly captivated by Chelsea’s exquisite voice and hit the button, recognizing her evident potential. During the final note of Chelsea’s song, the judges were overcome with emotion, and two of them fell to their knees in reverence for the child genius as a result of her incredible performance.

It was a breathtaking sight that won the hearts of the crowd as well. Chelsea’s performance was so powerful that it extended far beyond the scope of the show. Chelsea’s exceptional skill was rapidly recognized by the internet, and she received an incredible 104 million views on YouTube, cementing her image as a stunning young singer.

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