After 40 years of marriage, they decided to divorce: a heartbreaking story.

One day, a couple in their seventies shows up to a lawyer’s office to petition for divorce. The attorney was astonished at first, but after speaking with them, he could relate to their tale. For the last 40 years of their marriage, this couple argued and never reached an agreement. They chose to stay together in order to protect their children’s development. But now that their children have grown up and started their own families, nothing else keeps them together.

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All they wanted was to live their own lives free of the anguish they had carried for years. The attorney attempted to complete the paperwork but was baffled as to why the couple persisted in pursuing a divorce. The woman told her husband, “I just can’t go on anymore, even though I love you,” as she signed the paperwork. “Please accept my sincere regrets.” The spouse replied, “I understand.”

The lawyer asked if they wanted to have supper with him. They followed along, but when they arrived at the restaurant, there was a long awkward quiet. They had roasted chicken as their first course. When it arrived, the man handed the drumstick to his wife, saying, “Take this, it’s your favorite.” Following this, the lawyer continued to believe they had a chance, but the wife said, “This is usually the problem.”

You never considered my feelings and always held a high regard for yourself. “Are you unaware of how much I hate drumsticks?” She was unaware, however, that her husband genuinely wanted to please her, that his favorite cuisine was drumsticks, and that he simply had her best interests at heart. They both tossed and turned in their beds that night, unable to fall asleep.

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The man was unable to remain silent any longer due to the fear of losing her and having to live the rest of his life without her. He wanted to call her to demonstrate his continued devotion for her.However, she was also overwhelmed with despair as she wondered how, after all these years, he could still not understand her. She knew it was him, so she decided there was no point in talking further and let the phone ring. She was not aware, however, that he had heart troubles.

She found out about his death the next day. She rushed to his apartment and find his lifeless body on the couch, clutching her phone. While attempting to reach her, he suffered a heart attack. She felt depressed, but she needed to get rid of his belongings. As she rummaged through the drawers, she uncovered an active insurance policy from their wedding day.

She has a beneficiary list. Furthermore, there was a message that said: “To my darling spouse, It is possible that I will not be present when you read this. I purchased this policy specifically for you. Even though it’s only $100,000, I hope it’s enough to help me honor the promise I made to you when we married. Even though I may not be here for much longer, I want this money to benefit you in the same way that it would have if I had lived longer.

I want you to know that I will be there for you no matter what. I cherish you. The tears flowed like a river. It’s crucial to tell someone you love them. You can never foresee what will happen in a minute. Build a life together. Recognize and love each other. for what they truly are. Not what they seem to be.

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