This Woman buys rare 1980s U-Haul camper, reveals the interior of the vintage .See Ashley’s U-Haul camper in the video below:

During the exciting 1980s, U-Haul rented out a variety of items, including movies, ATVs, and paint sprayers, but one of the most unique was the U-Haul Camper. According to Jalopnik, U-Haul developed its own versions in reaction to the popularity of fiberglass travel trailers in the 1970s and 1980s. These included the VT16 Vacation Traveler and CT13 Get-A-Way Camper.

Front view of U-Haul camper.

These trailers, particularly the 1985 U-Haul CT13, are extremely rare, with an estimated global total of fewer than 2,000.There is little information available regarding the CT13 and VT16 models, with most coming from dedicated owners who have done extensive research. According to U-Haul camper owners, the CT13 and VT16 trailers were manufactured by a U-Haul subsidiary, Rec-Vee World, during a brief production period between 1984 and 1985.

These trailers were built by Dayton Trailer Manufacturing Company and Youngstown Trailer Manufacturing in Ohio, as well as U-Haul in Arizona, according to VIN plates and owner accounts.Both types were offered in 13 and 16-foot lengths and had common RV features such as refrigerators, sinks, and furnaces. However, only the VT16 model included a bathroom, which lacked a shower.

Kitchen inside U-Haul camper

According to reports, these tents were constructed as late as 1988, and U-Haul had sold out their entire inventory by 1992.Ashley Kooijman shared her U-Haul camper, which she acquired in 2019.She claimed that her camper’s logo was initially covered, but she eventually uncovered it. “I don’t know if I was supposed to or not, but I did anyway,” she added.

These fiberglass campers are well-known for their durability and insulation, which includes double walls. Their larger-than-usual bumper is specifically intended for rental use.Ashley found her camper, produced by Rec-Vee World, on Facebook Marketplace while looking for a Scamp. She carefully looked for a fiberglass camper that could be towed by her Honda CRV, which has a towing capacity of 1500 pounds.

Living space inside Ashley's camper

The camper weighs 1250 pounds, which leaves some room for her vehicle’s capacity. However, with additional stuff, she is likely approaching the maximum towing capacity. Inside Ashle’s U-Haul camper, there is the original couch, which has been converted into bunk beds to comfortably accommodate both the owner and her cat while travel.The ceiling, which was formerly carpeted, is now covered with a vinyl piece for simpler cleaning.

Despite the alterations, the camper retains its original stove and cabinets, which has the U-Haul insignia. Throughout the interior, caution labels provide instructions for correct use, improving the camper’s functionality.See Ashley’s U-Haul camper in the video below:

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